Philosophy Gourmet Popcorn Toppings Shower Gel Set

Philosophy Gourmet Popcorn Toppings Shower Gel Set

Philosophy Gourmet Popcorn Toppings Shower Gel Set ($26) does a gourmet popcorn lover proud. I happen to adore Garrets Popcorn! I actually introduced Christine (Temptalia) to the joys of Garrets last year when we met up for dinner but I forgot to ask her what she thought of it! GASP! Need to redeem that. Hopefully she’s as addicted to it as I am now.

If you happen to be in Manhattan stop at the 34th Street store and tell them to give it to you Chicago Mix style. My last trip to Chicago I was aghast that stores were mixing cheddar cheese and caramel crisp popcorn, together, in the same bag! What?! Needless to say I was skeptical. I’m the type of girl that has to separate her potatoes from her salad and her potatoes and salad from her steak…food is not meant to be mixed! So it was pure blasphemy they were taking two flavors and mixing them together! I was horrified! And I tried it and I was delighted!

OMG so good.


The Philosophy Gourmet Popcorn Toppings Shower Gel Set is making me hungry now…!

This set includes three 6 oz Philosophy Shower Gel/Shampoo/Bubble Bath bottles in the following fragrances:

  • Caramel Drizzle
  • Praline Crunch
  • English Toffee

I guess cheddar cheese didn’t make it into a shower gel scent…

Oh well!

Score it now, just in time for the Holidays, at Sephora and

  • 11/4/13 18:06 Cindy Ramirez:

    Welp I won’t be in Manhattan any time soon so I’ll just have to settle for those Christmas tins with cute puppies on it for now. Also, I would not object a Cheddar Cheese scent, I loooOoooove cheese. So much.


    • 11/5/13 9:25 the Muse:

      ooo I’ll send you some!


  • 11/4/13 19:48 Donna:

    OMG…I swear I’d be tempted to trade my first-born for a bag of Garrett’s caramel corn!


    • 11/5/13 9:20 the Muse:

      lol! order online girl! great gift!


  • 11/4/13 19:58 Meganlisa:

    I’m sold! I want this set. I love popcorn, topping or not. But these scents/flavors belong in my shower regardless.
    Thanks for posting about this!


    • 11/5/13 9:16 the Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 11/4/13 21:23 Vanessa:

    OMG I WANT!!!!


  • 11/5/13 13:33 bebe:

    I love caramel corn..must check this place out. Where exactly on 34th are they located? Oh, by the way, Happy Election Day Muse..don’t forget to vote today. (We’re long overdue for some fresh blood in Gracie Mansion..Go DiBlasio! LOL).


    • 11/5/13 13:41 the Muse:

      242nd west bebe right by the duane reade :) and to you! voting after work! agreed!


  • 11/5/13 14:05 bebe:

    Thanks for the directions. P.S., I just realized I mis-spelled part of deBlasios name..oops! :-)


    • 11/5/13 14:24 the Muse:

      oh don’t worry about it, I make so many spelling/grammatical errors I can’t even…!


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