Prestige Cosmetics Satin Glow Mist Review & Swatches

prestige cosmetics satin glow

Prestige Cosmetics Satin Glow ($13.99) is a new, limited edition gold mist spray that was launched for the Holiday 2013 season. Indeed you might be nodding your head smiling because Prestige Cosmetics Satin Glow Mist reminds you of every single sparkle mist we get around the Holidays!

I mean The Body Shop has had one, and of course Guerlain has one every single year, and Tarina Tarantino has a gorgeous one! It’s just traditional for some brand or another to launch a beautiful sparkling mist for the Holidays and now the most budget friendly one of them all is from Prestige.

Take a look!

prestige cosmetics satin glow mist

I purchased Prestige Cosmetics Satin Glow Mist at Harmons recently. It comes in a very small vintage style perfume bottle with ball depressor to spritz the shimmer out of the bottle. The sad part about the mist is it is tiny and weights in at a mere .14 oz in size. Most of the bottles I’ve run across like this are around 1 oz or more in size so the tiny bottle is pretty disappointing.

Aside from that it’s a rather fun product that you can use on your face, body, cheeks, or hair!

Simply squeeze and a fine mist of golden shimmering powder will be misted anywhere you aim it. The powder is silky and finely milled with a delightful shimmering finish. I’ve used it just about everywhere including in my hair! It gives skin and hair a light shimmer of festive gold that’s perfect for the Holiday season!

prestige cosmetics satin glow mist swatches


Is it worth picking up?

I’d like to think so. It’s small but quite cute!

Available now at drugstores.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/26/13 11:27 Ricci:

    Ooo so pretty!


  • 12/2/13 7:14 Cat:

    I like a little sparkle every now and then… for special occasions or to make an occasion “seem” special… LOL I do have a spray by Illume that I picked up on sale from Sephora months ago, but I wanted to try a little experiment.

    Due to my dry skin, I use body butters. I purchased some gold glitter mineral eyeshadow to see if I could blend it in with the body butter to create the desired shimmer effect. I worked beautifully! Now I’m considering buying an opalescent mineral shadow and trying it out.


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