Revlon Powder Blush Spring 2014

revlon powder blush spring 2013

Recently I ran across Haute Pink, Mauvelous, Wine Not, Racy Rose, Classy Coral, and Naughty Nude Revlon Powder Blush on a special Revlon Cheek Boutique display that also included Charmed Cream Blush as well as new Shimmer Highlighters.

Revlon already has a powder blush collection so I think they might just be redoing the packaging and shades for the Spring 2014 season or perhaps these are a limited edition run…!

Either way I picked up a few shades at Bed, Bath, and Beyond recently!

Here’s a closer look!

revlon classy coral powder blush

Classy Coral

Revlon Haute Pink Powder Blush

Haute Pink

Revlon Mauvelous Powder Blush


revlon racy rose powder blush

Racy Rose

revlon wine not powder blush

Wine Not

revlon naughty nude powder blush

Naughty Nude

I’ll have reviews and swatches of all of these up shortly but so far they look incredible in the pan so I’m eager to try them out!

Anyone snag any of these colors?

Do share!

  • 11/11/13 17:44 Chelsea:

    Ooh, I’m eagerly awaiting the review! Naughty Nude is gorgeous.


    • 11/11/13 19:44 Alishia:

      Me too. I don’t have a true nude blush shade.


  • 11/11/13 19:45 Liz:

    I neeeeed naughty nude!


  • 11/11/13 20:13 Lacy:

    I should have taken a closer look when I found the new collection instead of having tunnel vision on the the Rose Glow brick. I want Naughty Nude, it must be mine! Can’t wait to see swatches!


  • 11/11/13 20:43 amy:

    I’m thinking these may be simply replacing the blush line. None of the stores I frequent seem yo be restocking the blushes, but have been everything else. I should probably pick up Sandalwood Beige at some point… Naughty Nude will be making its way home to me, as well!


    • 11/12/13 9:02 the Muse:

      I think so too, revamping it perhaps as well!


  • 11/12/13 0:07 reen:

    looks amazing!


  • 11/12/13 10:47 Eraser:

    They are nice shades – Revlon always had great blushers. However, if they aren’t limited editions or additions to the present line, I’ll be very annoyed – I’ve worn Sandalwood Beige & Softspoken Pink for years & years. SP is perhaps the most flattering universal shade I’ve come across & SB is the best & most subtle contouring shade.


    • 11/12/13 15:33 amy:

      Sandalwood Beige was my very first contouring shade waaay back in the early 90s. Back when revlon did awesome Holiday sets, I picked up one with SB, and a pink, which I’m not 100% sure, but I think was SP. I wore that pair nearly every day for about 2 years, and still never even came close to hitting pan on either. I want to pick up SB ASAP just in case it’s being DCd! I do want to see swatches of Naughty Nude; it may be they are revamping the formula, but keeping the shades very close, and changing the names (many are rehashed from the 2008 “boudoir” collection, although they were lipsticks).


  • 3/20/14 12:56 Ellie:

    bring back sandalwood beige!!!!
    wore it for years, and have loved it!!!


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