Sephora Pantone Lavish Jewel Gloss Set Review and Swatches

sephora pantone lavish jewel gloss set

The Sephora + Pantone Lavish Jewel Gloss Set ($29) is a set of four shimmering jewel shaded glosses that launched with the Sephora + Pantone Holiday 2013 Collection.

I’ve really liked what Sephora has done with Pantone thus far and I sure hope they have something brilliant planned for Spring 2014 (Emerald didn’t do it for me but I sure did love Tangerine how about you?).

sephora pantone lavish jewel gloss set holiday 2013

The Sephora Pantone Lavish Jewel Gloss Set contains four 0.22 oz glosses. Each gloss has a flat sponge applicator for application and a buttery vanilla taste and flavor.

These glosses are magnificent on sparkle but the pigment runs a bit sheerer. Two out of the three glosses have a sheerer tint with the other two (both gold shades) are best as over coats as they contain more shimmer than actual color. They are actually really cool because they give a multidimensional look when the sparkle is caught by a certain light. This effect gives the illusion of super intense shine (sure, they are shiny all their own but when you walk into the sunlight it’s mega-watt shiny!).

The texture is lightweight with a little tackiness that enables to wear around three hours. I thought they looked best on top of lipsticks or lip stains versus worn alone as they add depth and sparkle to a plainer lipstick.


  • Claret Red
  • Pale Gold
  • Renaissance Rose
  • Toast

sephora pantone lavish jewel gloss kit

sephora pantone lavish jewel gloss set swatches

Pale Gold, Renaissance Rose, Claret Red, Toast

sephora pantone pale gold lavish jewel gloss

Pale Gold

sephora pantone renaissance rose lavish Jewel Gloss

Renaissance Rose

sephora pantone toast lavish jewel gloss


sephora pantone claret red lavish jewel gloss

Claret Red

The price isn’t quite right for me as I’d mark it at around $20-$22. Near $30 makes it a little to high to swallow when you can get considerably larger gloss sets right now, around the Holidays, with more for around the same price or sometimes less. Otherwise I really enjoyed the glosses and would even go so far as to recommend a purchase if they were slightly cheaper.

These are available now at Sephora and

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  • 11/21/13 18:17 lyz:

    A bit pricey for lip gloss, especially because pale gold and toast are so similar, it’s like paying for almost the same gloss twice.


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