Smashbox Wondervision Jumbo Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Sephora Wondervision Jumbo Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I can never picture myself needing it but Smashbox Wondervision Jumbo Photo Finish Foundation Primer is 1.7 oz in size ($49). You know for those fearing the possibility of the zombie plague hitting Smashbox production factories first thus causing the downfall of Smashbox and the factory workers who create Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I mean if the plague should hit and if Smashbox is the first to go down there won’t be ANY Photo Finish Foundation Primer evers again!

So yeah, fan girls and guys you should get the jumbo one immediately or maybe two. Hell stock up on three or four!

As for me, doesn’t do much for me, feels like a hundred tiny ants are crawling under my face when I use it.

So I’ll do a Dallas and grab the Twinkies the rest of you worry about the primer deal? Contrary to popular belief they do have an expiration date.

If the apocalypse hits tomorrow what’s in your makeup zombie kit?

  • 11/21/13 20:27 CC:

    Previously, this was a good deal. Now that the .4 oz are only $10, tho, not so much


  • 11/22/13 0:41 Cindy:

    Why would ANYONE need this?? Sephora has given out enough samples of this (awful) stuff to cover the faces of the whole free world 1,000 times over! In fact, all of the samples I tossed would probably fill 2-3 tubes that size . . .


  • 11/22/13 9:43 Kimmwic03:

    Yes, Twinkies do expire. We had some in the cabinet for about a month after the expiration date and they grew some rather gross green gunk. The expiration date is rather quick too (which is why we had the green Twinkies).


  • 11/23/13 16:29 Ashley:

    I got one of these primers as a sample in the annual Sephora summer sun kit for $30. It says oil free on the tube, but has got to be one of the greasiest primers I’ve tried. Personally I love Estee Lauder’s primers.


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