Soap & Glory Be Your Own Gloss Set for Holiday 2013

soap and glory be your own gloss set holiday 2013

Soap & Glory Be Your Own Gloss Set ($25) for Holiday 2013 puts together five Sexy Mother Pucker Lipglosses into one budget friendly set for the Holidays!

Soap & Glory Be Your Own Gloss Set includes five shades of Sexy Mother Pucket Lipglosses in Clear, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Half Naked, and Punch Bowl.

Each translucent gloss has a different flavor like orange chocolate, vanilla, and even a buttered popcorn flavor! With a formula that plumps, adds shine, and gives lips a plushy pouty look!

Too cute…

Plus the idea of buttered flavored popcorn lipgloss, well, that’s just terribly appealing to my lips and tummy!

Available now at Sephora and

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  • 11/29/13 19:34 Andrew:

    Hey Muse, hope you had a grand holiday! I was looking into possibly purchasing this set since I already have Half-Naked and use it constantly; I typically have to tone down the shine with some powder, though (glossy lips on a guy is not a cute look in my book). I expect all of them to have the same shine factor, but do any have shimmer? If so, which ones? Sometimes it’s hard to trust online descriptions and I know no one else with your amount of knowledge. Any info would be much appreciated!


    • 12/2/13 11:26 the Muse:

      hey andrew, sorry super delayed reply! it was fab how was yours? I don’t have this set but typically the mother pucker range doesn’t really have shimmer, more a translucent finish than anything else. Hope this helps!? <3!


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