Soft Lips Flavor Fusions Lip Care Winter 2013

Soft Lips Flavor Fusions Lip Care

Time for some new Soft Lips kids! How about Soft Lips Flavor Fusions Lip Care? You know you loved those Chapstick Mix Stixs! I had a blast playing mad scientist with those and layer the flavors to create new flavors.

Now Soft Lips actually takes the guess work out of it and combines the flavors for you!

Try out a mix of Pomegranate Blueberry or Strawberry Banana with these new flavor creations.

Sounds yummie to me.

Do like deliciousical lip balms.

Available now at Ulta,, and mass drugstores.

What’s your fav Soft Lips flavor?

  • 11/22/13 0:20 Cookie:

    I love vanilla but right now my lips are loving Chocolate Bunny I picked up at Easter!

    Hmm, love banana and strawberry but never tried it in a balm. I’m still looking for the peppermint and gingerbread Chapsticks.


  • 11/22/13 11:52 Carolyn N.:

    I love Softlips. They don’t irritate my lips, so I collect them like a mad women. Time to add two more to the collection! :)


  • 11/23/13 14:24 Tanya:

    Pomegranate Bluberry sounds so good. I have a Blackberry Lemonade one I got at Target in the summer.


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