Trader Joe Cinnamon Whisk Review

Trader Joe Cinnamon Whisk 4

This cute, mini Trader Joe Cinnamon Whisk is merely a $1 and available now at your favorite Trader Joe store. What is it? Why is it so cool?

Trader Joe Cinnamon Whisk 3

Well, you might already be purchasing large cinnamon brooms that you set up around your fireplace or at the entries of your home to scent the air like warm, cozy cinnamon!

The Trader Joe Cinnamon Whisk is just a smaller version of a cinnamon broom!

The scent has a warm, cozy cinnamon scent (think of Big Red gum and that’s basically how it smells) and although small it packs a punch! I like that it’s a smaller version of the broom as I can tuck it into smaller drawers/areas I want to scent. I have one currently hanging out in my sock drawer and another in my closet. It just gives small spaces a delightful scent of sugary cinnamon and brings out the festive feel of Fall whenever you smell it!

Trader Joe Cinnamon Whisk

Loves this!

Such a fun little way to scent your home!

Available now at Trader Joe.


This product was purchased
by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 11/4/13 11:25 Monica:

    I think I might add these in as an extra for my aunts’ presents! Thanks!


    • 11/4/13 11:34 the Muse:

      my pleasure! they are nice to snap on a bottle of wine or on top of a wrapped pie for t-day 😀 too!


  • 11/4/13 11:46 Eli:

    This looks so cute! I’d decorate my whole apartment with sych brooms if I had the chance :)


  • 11/4/13 12:02 Ashley:

    How cute! I was just there yesterday but missed these, though the broom smelled amazing. I must have this :)


  • 11/4/13 12:12 Lisa:

    Argh, I used work at Trader Joe’s, and I always dreaded when we got these and the cinnamon brooms. They really pack an olfactory punch. 1 or 2, sure. A store filled with 50 of them that you have to smell for 8 hours everyday? A bit much. You can’t taste your food on your lunch break anymore.


    • 11/4/13 12:14 the Muse:

      LOL oh no!


  • 11/4/13 18:03 Cindy Ramirez:

    We finally got a Trader Joe’s down here! Yaaay and I love Cinnamon anything. 😀


  • 11/4/13 22:15 Debster:

    When I worked at Cracker Barrel, it was one of my favorite holiday items since we’d get the brooms. Love them!


    • 11/5/13 9:15 the Muse:

      me too so delicious smelling!


  • 11/5/13 8:09 Kate:

    I love the idea of adding one to a sock drawer! I am thinking specifically of my husband’s sock drawer. Ha.


    • 11/5/13 9:05 the Muse:

      😀 good idea!


  • 11/5/13 10:31 Janet:

    I just bought three of these last night!!!! I love the smell!!


  • 11/6/13 5:20 Jenn:

    This is what I was smelling in the store tonight!! I’ll have to go back and pick one up, I didn’t realize it it was something for sale!


    • 11/6/13 9:25 the Muse:

      :-D! they have the big ones and the little ones!


  • 11/6/13 20:17 lola:

    where did i get this? oh…wow…never saw this until this year…got it in cvs, target, harmon’s ???


    • 11/6/13 21:55 the Muse:

      trader joe Lola.


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