Yves Rocher Cocoa & Orange Liquid Hand Soap Review

Yves Rocher Cocoa & Orange Liquid Hand Soap

Stock me up with some of the Yves Rocher Cocoa & Orange Liquid Hand Soap ($5) or at least enough to get me through the Holiday season! It smells like delicious chocolate and orange…

But wait…

I have a story to tell.

A confession of sorts.

Hi Libby (she’s my closest, dearest friend who lives in London), you know how you send me a beautiful Holiday gift every year and with that gift you send over two or three Terry’s Chocolate Oranges?

I hate them.


No seriously, Libby is an absolute star and she has tried for many years now to convince me that a Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a gift from the gods. I simply curl my nose up, stick my tongue out, and yuck in her general direction. I think they are absolutely disgusting.


I like the smell!

Thankfully I don’t have to eat (or drink) Yves Rocher Cocoa & Orange Liquid Hand Soap but can still enjoy the smoother creamy scent of dark chocolate combined with the sweet citrus of orange! Every time I wash my hands I think I might just be closer to agreeing with Libby that perhaps a Terry’s Orange Chocolate isn’t as evil as I made it out to be….! This luxuriously cheap hand soap smells delicious and could possibly change my mind.

And hey if chocolate and oranges isn’t your thing choose from two other limited edition scents that launched with the Yves Rocher Cocoa Collection for Holiday 2013.

Grab this now at www.yvesrocherusa.com

  • 11/7/13 17:57 Christina:

    I adore Yves Rocher holiday body and hand washes. I buy them every year.

    And yes, I hate those orange chocolates, too! I just can’t do it!


    • 11/11/13 15:39 the Muse:

      ha someone else who hates them! sisters!


  • 11/7/13 19:36 coco:

    I absolutely can’t stand the combination of chocolate and orange, so I hear you!


  • 11/7/13 21:21 Daniela:

    So funny story when I was a kid my mom tricked me into eating chocolate oranges by telling me that only kids with sophisticated palettes like them. Not wanting to be proven unsophisticated I ate them with a strained smile and now I love them as an adult.

    Needless to say I’ll have to grab some of this when I’m in Europe over Xmas


    • 11/8/13 7:27 the Muse:

      lol 😀 your mom is simply awesome!


  • 11/7/13 22:57 Heidi:

    Oh god, I love the smell of chocolate and orange together. Heading to Yves Rocher now!


    • 11/8/13 7:30 the Muse:

      they have body cream and shower gel too to match 😀


  • 11/8/13 11:51 Libby61:

    Ah Muse! How you brighten up my day when I read your posts. My daughter who lives in London is coming home for a few days at Christmas. I will have her bring me one. Thank you for all the posts…. Won’t buy anything w/out your stamp of approval.:) You are beautiful …inside and out! xo


    • 11/8/13 11:53 the Muse:

      aw libby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gimme a kiss! 😀 I heart you and thank you! 😀 thank you for brightening up my day!


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