Clarins Blush Creme for Spring 2014

Clarins Grenadine Blush Creme

Are you a cream blush fan? If so the new Clarins Blush Creme ($30) available in four shades for Spring 2014 will be an exciting pick up for the warmer weather ahead.

The new Clarins Blush Creme adds a subtle kiss of natural long wearing color to cheeks with a hydrating formula blended with rose, mimosa, jojoba, and sunflower waxes to moisturize skin and vitamin E to guard against free radicals.


  • Peach
  • Candy
  • Rosewood
  • Grenadine

Clarins Candy Blush Creme

Clarins Grenadine Blush Creme

Clarins Peach Blush Creme

Clarins Rosewood Blush Creme

It’s available now at Nordstrom and


Think you’ll like the new Clarins Blush Creme?

  • 12/16/13 12:26 Jane:

    I almost don’t care what’s inside, I want this for the thingness of it. So pretty.


  • 12/16/13 15:03 Victoria:

    They look really really nice! I love cream blushes and Clarins, but I probably won´t purchase any of them, since I got way too many blushes already!
    PS: I love how you post quite a few postings each and every day! It makes your blog really
    enjoyable (is enjoyable even a word??) to read!
    greetings from Austria :)


    • 12/16/13 15:38 the Muse:

      hi victoria! I’m tempted 😀 I have WAY too many blushes as well but I’m awful and can’t resist haha…! aw thanks so much I’m really glad you enjoy Musings and yes enjoyable is a word hehe :) Happy Holidays!


  • 12/17/13 9:35 Susan K:

    More Instant Light blushes! When are those coming back?


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