Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick Review & Swatches

Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick2

Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick 042 ($36) is one of three limited edition shades that was launched with the Dior Golden Winter Holiday 2013 Makeup Collection. This is warmer raspberry red that evokes the spirit of a cold night with a blanket of snow on the grounds! It’s stunning.

Take a peek!

Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick comes in a bullet shaped golden barbell style barrel (it’s been compared to ahem other things in my past posts but let’s stick to barbell yes?).

It the pigment is incredible on Diorific Lipsticks and they always tend to have an incredibly pigmented pop on first application with with full opacity on a single past. Winter is a little drying on my lips so a little gloss on top keeps things nicely hydrated.

Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick

Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick swatches

The pretty thing about Winter is it is a very warm raspberry red with just a touch of a metallic finish. I love metallics but they aren’t exactly easy to wear on lips but Dior Diorific Winter Lipstick just as a subtle touch of a metallic sheen make it very easy to wear! It seems a shade very fitting with their theme of Golden Winter this year as I picture it pairing up beautifully with a golden smoky eye look and touched by the cold cheeks! It’s that shade of “I’ve just walked into from a winter’s night and my lips look just kissed by the cold!”

This year’s selection of Diorific Lipsticks have been a rather pleasant surprise as all of them were all rather beautiful and unique for the season. Winter isn’t any different being the perfect warmer yet cooler touch of rasberry red!


It’s available now at dior.com, nordstrom.com, sephora.com, or at your favorite Dior counter.

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Anyone pick it up?

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