Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette Review & Swatches

Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette 3

After having such smashing success with Em The Great Cover Up Concealer I was ready to go with the Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette ($30).

Being the concealer junkie I am the Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette was appealing because it contained six different concealer shades and allowed me to mix, combine, and blend together shades till my little heart was content. It even has a small empty well so I can mix right in the compact if I want to.

Take a look!

Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette 4

The Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette is available in four shade selections with each compact featuring a light shade, main shade, darker shade, a yellow corrector, a peach neutralizer, and a highlighter.

This is a fantastic palette because you’re getting a variety of ways to conceal and diffuse your dark circles while highlighting and brightening the area up.

The main shade is the master shade you’ll concealer with but the yellow correct is excellent for diffusing the look of dark circles. I wasn’t keen on the glow-y highlighter but if you contour you can use it down the center of your nose, on your highbrow, etc…to add a bit of a lift to your completed look.

I stupidly purchased medium in the compact because the shades looked like they ran lighter. Unfortunately medium is filled with strong yellow toned concealers/correctors and they just didn’t do anything for my skin tone and ended up looking very unnatural. On the plus side the consistency is great! It’s a highly moisturizing creamy concealer that’s much like Bobbi Brown’s Concealers but with a thinner emollient texture that blends beautifully (Bobbi’s is very thick but Em’s is much thinner and easier to use).

Unfortunately, the thinner hydrating texture is the downfall as it means they wear for a very short time and tend to slip away within a three to four hour period. They also sheer out during application and pigmentation isn’t too great resulting in the concealers not concealing much of anything especially darker under eye circles.

Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette

Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette swatches

Em Cosmetics Shade Play Concealer Palette 11

I think this is a great palette with a great formula. However, that great formula is a little too sheer and short wearing for my tastes! A little more pigmentation and perhaps a thicker consistency would keep these wearing longer but as is they wear a bit too short and have very little pigment to conceal common eye issues such as darkness, puffiness, and finer lines.

For the best pigment and wear I’d stick with the Em Great Cover Up Concealer! That’s a winner.

Anyone try this?

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Available at www.emcosmetics.com.


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  • 12/17/13 19:56 Nikki:

    Awww, darn it! I was really hoping the pigmentation would be better with this palette. It’s such a clever idea. Crossing my fingers Michelle will tweak the formula so it has better coverage and staying power!


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