Too Faced La Creme New Shades Spring 2014 Swatches

New Too Faced La Creme Shades

Yup, that’s right, there are five brand new Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creams coming for Spring 2014 that are launching with the Too Faced Haute Chocolate Collection.

I have the biggest love affair with Too Faced La Creme Lipstick so when I heard about the five new shades I was mentally doing back flipping (and actually running around, hands flaying, squealing in joy). La Creme really redefined the cream lipstick for me as I’m not a huge fan of cream finishes. But these lightweight, creamy full coverage lipsticks keep lips so moist and have incredible pigmentation on a single swipe.

Take a look at the brand new shades added to the permanent collection this Spring!

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick ($22) is a rich, creamy color lipstick in new shades inspired by sweet candies (a perfect companion to the new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette me thinks!).

The formula contains white lotus flower extract which hydrates, conditions, and sooths lips as well as power peptides to stimulate collagen and aid the appearance of smoother looking lips.

New shades include:

  • Lollipop (violet with orchid shimmer)
  • Jelly Bean (raspberry red)
  • Bon Bon (pink papaya)
  • Taffy (pink marshmallow nude)
  • Pink Chocolate (berry brown)

Too Faced Taffy La Creme


Too Faced Lollipop La Creme


Too Faced Pink Chocolate La Creme

Pink Chocolate

Too Faced Bon Bon La Creme

Bon Bon

Too Faced Jelly Bean La Creme

Jelly Bean

Too Faced La Creme New Shades Spring 2014 Swatches

Bon Bon, Lollipop, Pink Chocolate, Taffy, Jelly Bean

Love ’em?

I do!

Reviews are upcoming on the shades shortly but these launch today at and will be available at come December 19th!

Which shades will you grab up?


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  • 12/12/13 9:58 Julie:

    I NEED Lollipop. Gorgeous!


    • 12/13/13 2:56 LAYLA:

      THESE WILL be on tomorrow..12/13


    • 1/9/14 17:23 Carla N.:

      I like Lollipop and Jelly Bean, since I’m a major fan of bright lips.
      Come on, warm weather!
      BTW, does anyone know if Too Faced is still cruelty-free?


  • 12/12/13 9:59 Agata:

    Yes, it’s my favorite lipstick too! Bon Bon has to be mine! Btw, you listed Taffy twice under the last picture, I believe the first one is actually BOn Bon.


  • 12/12/13 11:54 Michelle H.:

    Ooooh! Bon Bon and Pink Chocolate are gorgeous!


  • 12/12/13 13:18 Ashley:

    These are super pretty! and pigmented, I’m impressed they look hydrating too!


  • 12/12/13 15:32 Olivia:

    These look great!


  • 12/12/13 15:41 JenJ:

    Weeeeee represent the LOLLIPOP guild…lol! Link Pink Chocolate and Jelly Bean too.


    • 12/12/13 15:43 the Muse:



  • 12/13/13 9:27 heather:

    looove this formula. bonbon & lollipop will be mine…probably jelly bean too 😉


  • 12/14/13 12:22 Elsa:

    How do these compare to the UD Revolution lipsticks? I love the UD formula, but these colors are great!


    • 12/16/13 15:48 the Muse:

      it’s really a different formula considering UD isn’t a cream lipstick range Elsa. These are lighter, creamy, with a little less pigment. It’s really two different types of lipsticks in my opinion!


  • 12/17/13 8:49 Zinette:

    i got taffy n jelly bean when too faced had a 20% off n now i am kicking myself because I SHOULD HAVE ALSO BOUGHT LOLLIPOP N BON BON :'(


  • 12/18/13 22:52 Deareux:

    I’m a little bit disappointed that Lollipop wasn’t a more vivid violet. I love the shade, but I wanted something a bit more “in your face.”


  • 12/19/13 3:33 Jules:

    I was just on their website today looking at these & was most interested in pink chocolate & now after seeing your swatches it’s definitely pink chocolate. Just looks different from any brown/nude/pink that I have.


    • 12/19/13 9:46 Isabella Muse:

      yay :) it’s a great shade enjoy it!


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