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If you’re having any issues with loading Musings of a Muse today if you could comment and let me know I’d appreciate it greatly. I believe the issue is with sidebar ads so just take note of the ads when any errors occur and just let me know which ads you saw when the problem happened.

Typically I’m seeing a wonky sidebar loading problem with some ads.

Sorry about this!

Thanks so much for your help!

  • 12/9/13 13:05 Christine Joy Luikuo:

    Hi, Miss Muse! I just opened this site and browsed a little (I’m using a first-generation iPad) and I did not encounter any problem or whatsoever. Hope the problem get fixed fast so you and the other readers don’t have to be inconvenienced.


    • 12/9/13 13:15 the Muse:

      thank you very much Christine very helpful! :) I was loading on iPad too without any issues but I’m seeing some weirdness in Kindle and also occasionally firefox!


      • 12/9/13 13:33 Christine Joy Luikuo:

        Perhaps it’s with where the site’s being loaded? I’m not sure. And do you manage this site on your own, I mean all the technical/programming stuff?


        • 12/9/13 13:35 the Muse:

          I wish that was the case but naaa nothing to do with the host. It’s likely some sort of .js issue causing the problem. I do indeed unfortunately so I’m leaning on my ad network to help with this one because I believe it is ad related. I mean I didn’t create the theme but the site management falls on my shoulders.


          • 12/9/13 14:14 Christine Joy Luikuo:

            Boohoo! I wish I could help, but I’m not that knowledgeable about these things. I learned some programming during high school but they were rusted. Maybe you have a programmer friend/reader who can help you out, and of course, for free!

          • 12/9/13 14:21 the Muse:

            it’s actually not code related otherwise I’d be able to fix it myself :-/ It’s an ad that’s causing the problem so it’s kinda hard to track down! nothing is every free unfortunately hehe…I def don’t trust anyone to look at the site so typically if I run into major issues I have to pay someone to come in and have a look see. Hopefully I can track down what the prob is 😀 but thanks for the thinking me and the offer of help 😀 appreciate it!!!!!!!!!

  • 12/9/13 14:50 EmiHoltz:

    Hi Muse,
    No problems here, browsed a few times today in Chrome.


    • 12/9/13 15:05 the Muse:

      thanks emi!!!!!!!!!! very helpful!


  • 12/10/13 8:21 Maddie:

    Hey muse, I’ve been on my laptop and on my iphone and haven’t noticed any problems with your site. I hope that the problem others have been experiencing is solved soon so we can get back to reading your blog! Have a great Tuesday.


    • 12/12/13 15:57 the Muse:

      thank YOU maddie I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad to hear it! trying to track down the prob but a relief not many are experiencing it!


  • 12/10/13 10:57 melissa:

    i have trouble all the time but have never paid attention to ads but i will now ! i use google chrome


    • 12/10/13 12:24 the Muse:

      hi melissa you have trouble ALL the time? can you explain?


  • 12/10/13 11:08 mindy:

    hey Musekin, yes I had problems on firefox, thought it was my issue!
    seems there are picture/texts “superimposed-like” from another page? hard to figure it out from my end…..it happened a few times last week, not since, hope this gives your guys a clue to work on…..
    hugs, mindy


    • 12/10/13 12:25 the Muse:

      Hi Mindy! right now ads should appear after each page, at the bottom of the post but not interfering with it. Is that what is happening? Any problems loading the pages? not seeing the sidebar? thanks your help is greatly appreciated :)


      • 12/10/13 12:40 mindy:

        so….if you mean the sidebar at the “right” side of the page that’s like a table of contents, topics, categories etc then all is ok.
        The ads are at the bottom of each page and no problems loading. I will be better able to tell when I get the new blog delivered tomorrow and will report back sis. feel free to use me for feedback and/or questions. Is there where I also sign up for Healthcare?


        • 12/10/13 12:43 the Muse:

          yup exactly Mindy that’s a relief to here. Sorry about the bottom ads, it’s something new I am trying out, are they terribly annoying?! LOL healthcare sold separately sis!


          • 12/10/13 12:55 mindy:

            to be honest without wishing to offend in ANY way, yeah the ads kinda suck,a distraction from the communication between you and the reader. but such is this world, so materialistic, where’s is Spiritual considerations?
            p.s. makeup therapy was Rx’ed to me but my insurance doesn’t cover it, now THAT pisses me off. so here I sit in cold turkey mode almost constantly, peering out of the darkness at all the things I can’t find comfort in unless it’s 15 bucks or less and only once a month…my mental health really suffers.

          • 12/10/13 13:35 the Muse:

            i wish I can say spiritual considerations pay the server bill here on Musings of the Muse lol! but unfortunately the bills to run the site keep piling up so ads are a necessary evil :) running this site isn’t cheap I’ll tell you that! And next year it’s bound to get more expensive as I need to start moving some content to a CDN. Ugh! But I am sorry about the distraction! I tried below the post so they wouldn’t be too bothersome to the reader! I’ll explore other options so bare with me while I get this all sorted? :) Awww hugs!!!!!!!! thank god for good sales AFTER the holidays right? Clearance always helps heal the soul!

  • 12/10/13 11:14 mindy:

    Musekine, me again…..also, your email arrives, I open to the first page where you list the items you will reviewin, when I go into a particular item, the jump part, there are lots of ADS in between paragraphs, this just happened today again…I wondered why the format change but thought you meant it to????? anyway, yes, the ads are showing up everywhere…again I get your post by firefox email…..hope this helps,


  • 12/10/13 14:00 mindy:

    Musekin, no worries please about the ads, I’ve been around the block a gazillion times and know how it rolls…..as long as it’s YOU doing the reviewing it’s great. all kidding aside I can be fine with a few items of make up, there is need vs. want and I get what I need with Extrabuck rewards lol . am blessed looking much younger than I am, good skin etc.
    so onward we go to a Beautiful and Bright New Year filled with Divine Light descending on our upside down/inside out little planet. Shine on sis…


    • 12/11/13 15:36 the Muse:

      aw thanks chica :) Amen to that Mindy! 2014 will hopefully be as GREAT as 2013 😀


  • 12/11/13 13:44 Jules:

    I’m looking at a Too Faced ad up top on the right & the rest of your page is aligned as usual. Your review on the left and tabs, drop downs & links to your reviews on the right. Your page ads don’t bother me because you keep everything in the same place, meaning each page isn’t different so I easily see everything. Also, load time on your page is fast for me which isn’t the cast with many bloggers. Kudos.


    • 12/11/13 15:34 the Muse:

      thank YOU jules! I’m relieved to hear it. I want this to be the best possible experience I can bring to you all that includes fast loading :) I appreciate your feedback!


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