Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer Anti Age Skin Corrector for Spring 2014

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Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer Anti Age Skin Corrector ($16.99) is one of several new skincare products launching from Garnier for Spring 2014. There’s even a cleansing oil afoot from what I hear! The US drugstore market is sadly lacking in cheap cleansing oils so I’m looking forward to that.

With the success of Garnier’s Dark Spot Collection line of products this new anti-aging moisturizer addresses a more even skin tone as well as includes anti-aging benefits! This Summer we got the new Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask and Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Hand Treatment so I wasn’t expecting a release of products so soon after that but I’m not complaining!

Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer Anti Age Skin Corrector addresses the signs of aging skin like wrinkles, lost of elasticity, and duller skin with a formula that brightens, corrects, smooths, and adds radiance to skin. The formula includes Pro-Retinol from Nature which supposedly boosts cell renewal while moisturizing skin and preventing dryness.

This results is skin being smoother, more luminous, and evenly toned!

It launches in drugstores shortly!

  • 12/17/13 12:11 Leslie:

    Hey Muse! I found this complete line at my local CVS (Chicago). Picked up the cleansing oil and quickly returned it the following morning! It burned MY EYES, sadly it didn’t remove the slightest bit of makeup on my eyes (I removed what I can with my makeup-wipe beforehand) instead it smeared the little I had left. It has scent to it, reminds me of the Vaseline Hand and Nail cream (pink bottle). Hope it works for you! Thanks, Leslie


    • 12/17/13 12:34 the Muse:

      OH NO that’s awful :( sorry girl! thanks for updating :-/


  • 12/17/13 15:22 Shelly:

    I bought the cleansing oil last week. This is the first
    Cleansing oil I’ve used(usually use baby oil)
    But I like it. I’m not sensitive to fragrance. It doesn’t burn
    My eyes and removes my heavy mineral ss. The directions do
    Say to use on dry skin with dry hands then add water to emulsify
    Not sure if that’s how all oil cleansers are used.


    • 12/17/13 15:29 the Muse:

      that’s how you use all cleansing oils shelly :) so you are def doing it right happy to hear it worked well for you!


  • 12/30/13 11:28 Jenna:

    I tried the Cleansing Oil and it was ok. Nice to have a drugstore version finally, but it was full of mineral oil/petroleum. I’m partial to my Josie Maran cleansing oil for my dry skin, as it’s thicker and all natural. Garnier’s was runny. I also tried the transformer and it was honestly just another BB cream.


    • 12/30/13 12:27 Isabella Muse:

      I enjoyed the Cleaning Oil Jenna, not bad at all for me, I didn’t mind the mineral oil so much..!


  • 1/4/14 22:02 Ashley:

    This sounds interesting. I’m a little skeptical as to if this would work or not. Was at Walgreens recently and they had so many new products for spring it was insane! They didn’t have room for it all yet so they were stacking it high on the shelves, the highest shelves in the shampoo and hair care aisle. Which is a same cause I wanted to really check out the products. Anyone tired the Revlon color sheer enhancers, that they supposedly made a long time ago? That product really impressed me.


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