The Holiday Force is Strong Here

star wars ornaments

  • 12/6/13 12:16 Al:

    HAH! I have those ornaments for my tree too!


    • 12/6/13 12:39 the Muse:



  • 12/7/13 5:13 Debra:

    Why am I not surprised?! 😀


    • 12/9/13 10:13 the Muse:
  • 12/7/13 7:03 telle:

    ah yay me! i know those two!
    do you have any makeup christmas baubles? i need to find and/or make some…otherwise its just traditional and the occassional starbucks ornaments! :) may the holiday force be with you! *lol* 😀


    • 12/13/13 15:01 the Muse:

      hehe and also with you telle ;-D Lord and Taylor and Saks have very cute lipstick/makeup shaped ornaments although I wish I could find a Han’s Solo holding a mirror up and applying lipstick, that would be awesome 😀


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