Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayon Set Review & Swatches

Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayon Set

Celebrate the Holidays with a cute selection of Kate Spade Lip Crayons! The Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayon Set ($38) comes with three full size Kate Spade Lip Crayons in a box ready for gifting (or keeping for yourself).

Take a peek!

Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayon Collection

In 2011, Kate Spade launched her first official lipstick and since that time has ventured into other beauty offerings like these chubby lip pencils! The really great thing about this set is Kate Spade New York partnered with lipstick queen, Poppy King to create this line of innovative lip crayons. Considering how legendary the Lipstick Queen’s Chinatown Glossy Pencils are I was expecting something wonderful from these and let’s face it Poppy is the pioneer of chubby lip pencils as she launched one of the first chubby lip pencils on the market and that’s prior to Clinique and a host of other brands who are doing them lately!

Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayons

Kate Spade actually launched this very cute collection last Holiday season too but I didn’t get my hands on it! It comes in a cute crayon box shaped box with a flip top that reveals the pencils inside. The box is completely reusable to store or travel with the pencils in as it is a heavy duty cardboard. It kinda reminds me of a mini box of crayons! Each pencil weights in at 0.08 oz which is full size. These are a twist up design so no sharpener is needed.

Shades Include:

  • Pink Fizz
  • Champagne
  • Pretty Plum

Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayon Set Holiday 2013

Kate Spade Holiday Lip Crayon Set swatches

Champagne, Pink Fizz, Pretty Plum

All three shades are a frost finish with a soft creamy texture that glides easily onto lips. They aren’t terribly hydrating but they don’t leave lips feeling dry while worn but they don’t add any moisture either. They are quite pigmented and apply either sheer or can be built up to full opacity in two applications. I was a little scared of the frostiness but they actually wear quite well without looking too mod. For a chubby pencil formula they have an impressive wear time of around four to five hours without fading. Upon fading they do leave a slight staining effect behind. Color doesn’t migrate or feather on my drier lips and stays where I apply it.

Kate Spade Champagne Lip Crayon

Kate Spade Champagne Lip Crayon fotd


Kate Spade Pink Fizz Lip Crayon

Kate Spade Pink Fizz Lip Crayon fotd

Pink Fizz

Kate Spade Pretty Plum Lip Crayon

Kate Spade Pretty Plum Lip Crayon fotd

Pretty Plum

If you’re a fond chubby lip pencil fan you’re bound to adore Kate Spade’s Holiday Lip Crayon Set. Perhaps it’ll bring a nostalgic moment or two your way as well because the set sure does remind me of a little pack of crayons and as a child I know I ADORED my crayons.

You can get the set now at Kate Spade locations, Nordstrom, or online at Nordstrom.com.


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  • 12/9/13 21:55 Nat:

    Now Muse, what did we tell you about posting more lip crayons? You keep this up and you are going straight on Santa’s naughty list! :O ;D


    • 12/10/13 14:36 the Muse:

      haha :) you know you can’t not get away with loving chubby pencils 😀


      • 12/10/13 16:15 Nat:

        Oh Muse, I heart them so hard. I want all of them! 😀


        • 12/11/13 15:36 the Muse:

          i can’t say I blame ya 😀 they are fab Nat! Happy Holidays btw been a while since we talked!


          • 12/11/13 15:40 Nat:

            Happy Holidays to you too, sweetness! Gonna visit the family in Oregon week after next; looking forward to some Macy’s shopping! 😀

          • 12/11/13 15:41 the Muse:

            yay! enjoy! stay warm, safe, and happy! don’t forget to find the magic in the season 😀

          • 12/11/13 15:58 Nat:

            Will do! I’m pretty sure it’s inside the cookies my mom bakes, so I’ll be sure to eat a lot of those. ;D

          • 12/12/13 15:54 the Muse:


  • 12/10/13 10:29 Brianna:

    Argh, I love Kate Spade and was so excited to hear of the launch of their makeup line, but can’t say I love the sparkly pencils. Boo. :(


  • 12/10/13 14:06 Ana Leote:

    Too bad they have a bit of shimmer :( but the packaging is too cute!



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