L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer Review & Swatches

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer ($7.79 at Harmons) is a new rollerball concealer slash illuminating eye treatment that L’Oreal is promoting along side its recently released Visible Lift CC Cream for the Spring 2014 season.

This intrigued me and worried me because it looked very similar to the Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles Tinted Rollerball Treatment launched sometime ago. I didn’t really love Garnier’s version so I’m quite uncertain about L’Oreal’s!

Take a look!

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer 2

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer is available in four selections and I picked up two in the Light and Medium selection. Light didn’t work for me (little too pink) but Medium was fairly good. I’ve been using it for eight days so far and….I kinda like it. It’s one of those concealers you’ll want to use when running errands but not something you’ll reach for when you need heavy coverage to concealer major fatigue, dark circles, puffiness, etc…

I rely on my own concealer to brighten my eyes up and to conceal finer lines, puffiness, and minor dark circles. This actually brightens up the area very well and provides sheerer coverage to concealer very minor issues so if I got eight hours of sleep in (typically not living the cra life I live) you’ll be a-ok with the small amount of coverage this provides. The other thing to like about it is the texture and application. If you have aging eyes you’re going to adore this because it has a thinner consistency that feels very moist during application. It’s very runny and almost feels like you’re applying a liquid highlighter of sorts under your eyes (don’t worry, no shimmer, no sparkle, and no glow to be had here). The rollerball is a very cool under eyes so it might relieve a bit of puffiness (not in my case though, the puffiness is there to stay). If you have crepiness this involved very little tugging and doesn’t creep into wrinkles.

Unfortunately, the thinner, hydrating formula means it wears for a very short time. One day I got near four hours in with it in place but in most cases it was about three. I mean it was the sort of thing you’d stare in the mirror and cringe because it looked like you hadn’t applied concealer that day. It doesn’t crease but it does fade away quickly on my drier skin.

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer 3

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer Swatches

The thing is as I’ve gotten older I appreciate no nonsense on the weekends. So yeah, I skip doing an entire face of makeup sometimes if I don’t have anywhere super special to be (I’d never go out without my face in my past life but old age has a way of changing things) so a little slip of this under my eyes, some Lemon Aid on my lids, and a bit of Posietint makes for a great running around on errands or day at the movies kinda face of the day.

L’Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer is fitting for those that really can’t wear heavier concealers due to wrinkles or crepiness. It’s also great for those who need very little coverage. As for the rest of us this probably won’t cut it for under eye concealing.

Available now at drugstores.

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  • 12/5/13 18:45 amy:

    This sounds like what I’ve been looking for!


  • 12/5/13 19:29 The Beauty Alchemist:

    STOP with the old age thing. Mon Dieu. You’re a youngster. A whippersnapper. I’ll let say the O word when you’re ,I don’t know, 80 maybe 😉


    • 12/6/13 9:33 the Muse:

      lol thanks girl 😀 Imma love you!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 12/6/13 6:52 kellly:

    Right now my go-to concealer is an older Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in the “brightner” shade. It seems to wear most of the day and helps fine lines without accenting them. Have you tested that? How does this L’oreal compare?


    • 12/6/13 9:20 the Muse:

      not the same kelly…maybelline is creamy and far more pigmented this is thinner and very sheer hope this helps.


      • 12/6/13 21:56 kellly:

        Thank you! I think I’ll keep with Maybelline, then.


        • 12/9/13 10:31 the Muse:

          my pleasure!


  • 12/6/13 9:02 Susan K:

    Yeah, old age has a way of changing one alright, you’re tired! lol


    • 12/6/13 9:19 the Muse:

      😀 amen sis! it creeps up on ya!


  • 12/6/13 16:25 Joy:

    Yay a possibility for the category of weekend concealer! I don’t do my full routine on the weekends either. I find the time it takes to do that takes away from the time I could be spending buying more beauty products LOL. Priorities haha!

    Thank you Musey! Brilliant review, covers all the bases(pun intended!And BTW you are a lonnnnng way from old. Its natural for us to have aging concerns, but cross my heart and hope to die I don’t see anything for you to be alarmed about. Have a great weekend!


    • 12/13/13 15:06 the Muse:

      LOL! exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aw my pleasure! LOL thanks! that’s a RELIEF and it’s another weekend eep and just getting to this! Happy Weekend to YOU again 😀


  • 12/28/13 21:21 Leah:

    This concealer seems interesting to use. I might buy it and use it for New Year’s Party on the 31st. For my other facial regiments, I used the Lift wand I thought it was a great alternative to creams and ointments because it helps smooth out my skin and get rid of wrinkles.


  • 1/15/14 14:30 Renae:

    Do you have a good recommendation for a concealer that can cover dark circles while NOT accentuating these 40 year old lines? I’ve looked through a bunch of your posts but can’t seem to find a “must-have” list. I’ll spend anything so bring it on!! :) Thanks!


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