Lush Buy 1, Get 1 Free Boxing Day Sale

Lush Christmas Holiday 2013 Collection

Time to save big on Lush! Buy any select Christmas product and get an one free today at!

Enjoy savings on Snow Fairy, Rose Jam, and much, much more!

Happy Hauling!

P.S. I hope you ALL had a wonderful Christmas! It went so fast didn’t it?!

  • 12/26/13 10:37 Icequeen81:

    They look so yummy, the lipting is cool wish it was a lil bit darker for my taste


  • 12/26/13 14:38 Chrissy:

    I hauled a couple bottles each of Ponche and Rose Jam. What are you planning to haul Muse?


    • 12/26/13 14:50 Isabella Muse:

      I got six bottles of snow fairy and two of rose jam :) everything else I was a little meh on as I’m pretty stocked up on Lush at the moment! Nice hauling on Ponce as it is great stuff! so is Rose Jam for that matter 😀


      • 12/26/13 20:43 Icequeen81:

        Snow Fairy looks like a great choice Muse :)


        • 12/27/13 9:31 Isabella Muse:



  • 12/27/13 17:02 Heather:

    placed a huge order and got $400 worth of goodies for a little over $200. then i went to my closest lush store and spent another $100! safe to say i’m stocked up on lush for a while! i fell in LOVE with snow fairy this year so i’m glad i got enough of the body wash to last me until next christmas…plus i ordered the perfume to try. can’t wait to smell it!


    • 1/16/14 16:34 Isabella Muse:

      NICE!!!!!!!! ;D


  • 12/28/13 10:53 Shelby:

    My store was sold out of all the single bath products, had some soap and skincare left. I got the igloo knotwrap giftset and one that has 5 bathbombs in it, can’t remember the name.


  • 12/28/13 20:16 cat:

    I waited a whole year for the Lush After Christmas sale and I completely forgot about it. I think I’m kind of over Lush and bath products right now. They closed my local Lush and I don’t know, it just stopped feeling fun.


    • 1/16/14 16:55 Isabella Muse:

      awww sometimes the store is nice to browse at and see what stuff smells like but typically I order online!


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