Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar Review

Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar

If only I had a magic wand…Oh wait I do have Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar. Yes, I did run around the house with pointing it at my dogs and shouting Tarantallegra! But nothing happened.

But it did create magic in my bath tub!

The Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar carries the fruity, sweet scent of Lush’s traditional Holiday treat, Snow Fairy! Shaped like a fairy’s wand this start shaped bubble bar fills your tub with candy scented bubbles and sweet pink water!

Lush Magic Wand

Released with the Lush Christmas/Holiday 2013 Collection this Magic Wand is only around for a short time so if you love it best be stocking up!

How do you use it? Well not like your traditional Lush Bubble Bar that’s for sure as it is reusable! You can use this one across several baths. Simply fill your tub with warm water, close your eyes, mutter “Boil, Boil, Toil, and Trouble!” under your breath and swirl your magic wand back and forth in the warm water to magically create bubbles.

Now stash it away so it can try until you need to create bath magic next time around!

It’ll last through about 10 or so baths or if you’re feel particularly mischievous you can of course, break it up and toss the entire thing in a single bath for extra spoiling!

Grab it at your favorite Lush store or online at

No one’s judging if you don’t use it in your bath at all and just flat around your house waving it around…!


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  • 12/23/13 22:58 Joy:

    Having a belly laugh over this! Because like you, I would totally traipse around the place pointing this wand at everything and casting spells!!! Don’t you worry Musey, I will first make sure all the windows are covered. I would also totally stockpile this just for that very purpose. I need this. I’m serious. I’m determined to take childlike glee whenever & however I can find it.


    • 12/26/13 11:20 Isabella Muse:

      lol joy 😀 good times right? 😀 screw that, open ALL the curtains and let everyone see me doing it 😀 hehehe!


      • 12/28/13 9:53 Joy:

        I forgot to mention that a floaty frilly night dress might be involved in the traipsing situation, to complete the effect, which is why curtains need to be down LOL!


  • 12/24/13 18:59 Celine:

    I haven’t tried the wand version of their bubble baths, cause I always wondered how do they store after using? I feel like the whole thing would melt off after using.


    • 12/26/13 10:10 Isabella Muse:

      it stays pretty solid. After I use it I lay it on a wash cloth allow it to fully dry and slip it into a sealable container (like those disposable rubbermaid ones you can get at the supermarket).


  • 12/26/13 17:12 Olivia:

    Looks so cute! I need some bath goodies from LUSH in my life!


  • 12/26/13 20:42 Icequeen81:

    love stars and Im sure this smells yummy


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