MAC At Dusk Extra Dimension Blush Review & Swatches

MAC At Dusk Extra Dimension Blush

I remember being far from impressed with MAC Extra Dimension Blush on the original release and MAC At Dusk Extra Dimension Blush, one of three new shades launching with the MAC Magnetic Nudes Collection, is far from impressive either.

MAC Extra Dimension Blush made their first appearance for Spring 2013 and we get a new selection of these of them for Spring 2014 along with new Extra Dimension Eyeshadows and Skinfinishes.

At first try I said they sucked….they are so sheer even though they appear pigmented in the pan! Plus the metallic finish one would expect simply isn’t there.

Let’s take a look!

I always feel slightly mislead with MAC Extra Dimension Blush because at a glance they look like a metallic, glowy blush of some sort but in reality they are terribly sheer without any such pop or sizzle!

They have a soft, silky feel with a semi-matte satin finish in my opinion!

At Dusk is actually a repromoted shade from the original release. It’s a very cool pink and I didn’t feel like the pigment suffered any great improvement on this second release. I can’t get it to build very well so the color is very, very soft and subtle. The consistency is very soft and very silky! It’s very easy to blend as well. The disappointment stems from the fact that the formula has very little pigment. On my skin tone I can’t even get it to show up at all!

I think if you’re automatically assuming they have the finish and consistency of an Extra Dimension or Mineralize Skinfinish you’ll be disappointed but if you felt like those two products were a little too sparkly or too glowy for your tastes well than Extra Dimension Blush will be a pleasant and welcome surprise.

MAC At Dusk Extra Dimension Blush swatches

The formula is beautiful but the pigmentation is such a bust for me! Le sigh! If you like less than pigmented blush perhaps you’ll like MAC Extra Dimension Blush but if you want pop, well, there isn’t any to be had here.

Are you a fan of these blushes?

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  • 12/27/13 10:24 Jamie:

    I bought this last time and returned it. Terrible product! My complexion is the same as yours and I couldn’t get it to show up either. I do like the highlighters and the eye shadows though.


    • 12/27/13 10:27 Isabella Muse:

      the extra dimension blushes are thee WORST! no pigment! Beautiful formula, silky, and gorgeous to look at but ugh horrible horrible color pay off!


  • 12/27/13 10:49 Sara:

    I think there are two blush camps in the world (that often align with skin tone), one who thinks blush like everything else should be super pigmented (fair enough) and those of us who think that blush should be less pigmented to make application easier (this camp tend to be paler one).

    I for one adored this blush so much the last time that I bought a backup, which I almost never do. It’s perfect for me, adds a natural flush and is hard to overdo. I almost bought a third yesterday and am still considering it. 😡


    • 12/27/13 10:57 Isabella Muse:

      you’re so lucky! I wish it worked for me but it is very, very sheer barely shows up on my skin :( sadness! I’m glad it worked for you though Sara :)


  • 12/30/13 0:58 Daisyta:

    this is my first MAC blush, so im still playing with it.
    i just tried depotting it to put in my palette it seems to be missing the metal pan. is it just mine? or are all the blushes like this?


  • 12/30/13 11:09 kellly:

    I bought Superb and use it as an eyeshadow. It looks shiny but natural. I LOVE shine on my eyes but not elsewhere on my face so this is working well for me. The size means it will last me half of forever, too!


    • 1/14/14 16:46 Isabella Muse:

      interesting kelly 😀 I’m going to try!


  • 1/8/14 3:08 amy:

    I just bought this last week, and I *love* it! For some reason, I didn’t care for it the first time around, but I think it had more to do with the lighting in that particular store. I swatched it in a different store, and took a chance, and I’m glad I did. I am fairly light, though, in between NARS Siberia & Deauville, and I prefer subtle cheeks & lips most often.


    • 1/8/14 9:03 Isabella Muse:

      yay happy to hear it worked out for you amy!


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