MAC Heroine Lipstick Returns Now Permanent

MAC Heroine Lipstick

MAC Heroine Lipstick ($15) returns online December 16th at just in time to celebrate the new Pantone Color of the Year!

The power of purple will compel you with this fan favorite vibrant matte bright purple!

It returns online December 16th and launches in store January 2nd, 2014.

Are you a Heroine fan?

  • 12/12/13 14:25 JenJ:

    Hmph! After I went through hell to get the 2 I have! *arms crossed*. Ok not really “hell” but still! 😀


    • 12/12/13 14:31 the Muse:

      oh I know the feeling well my dear!


  • 12/12/13 19:48 breyerchic04:

    I think this is a good color they didn’t really have anything like in their line, so I’m excited.

    People are freaking out that they paid so much for it or drove to 9 stores or something, but imo you should assume that MAC may release LE colors later or permanently. I’m not saying I’ll never go to lengths to score a color that I love, but I won’t go to such lengths that I’ll be upset if it becomes available again.


    • 12/13/13 22:09 Monica!:

      Like wit candy yum yum right???


  • 12/13/13 9:33 heather:

    ughhh i agree. same thing happened to me with candy yum yum. i wish they’d come out with a totally new unique orchid color but oh well. this is a beautiful color that looks good on a wide range of skin tones.


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