MAC Our Secret Fluidline Review & Swatches

MAC Our Secret Fluidline Spring 2014

I’m all about brown lately so MAC Our Secret Fluidline is making my day this week. Releasing with the MAC Magnetic Nudes Collection this light metallic brown pairs up great with a rosy eye look. Seriously, rose and brown together forever…! Great combo. Try a little rosy shadow on your lids and line with brown and your eyes will pop especially if your eyes are brown :)

Check it!

MAC Our Secret Fluidline ($16) is one of three Fluidlines launching with this collection and is described by MAC as a metallic brown with red pearl. I don’t really see the read pearl, maybe that’s the secret, there isn’t any! MAC is running around saying, “Fooled you!”

It’s actually a softer bark brown with a hint of a metallic sheen. It actually has excellent color on first stroke. Sometimes brown Fluidline slips around my lash and I’m left going over it to build but this applies flawlessly with a single stroke. It sets to a budgeproof finish on my drier eyes and doesn’t fade, flake, or smudge. I think it would be rather lovely as an eyeshadow…I admit I’ve totally worn Fluidlines as a cream shadow without having any guilt so yeah, I’d try it as a shadow why the heck not!?

MAC Our Secret Fluidline

MAC Our Secret Fluidline swatches

If you enjoy brown eyeliners this is a nice one to grab up!

It’ll launch December 26th on counter at at

Do you like the shade?

I think it’s rather pretty and in my vast collection I can’t see any dupes that might look like it! That’s always a relief!


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  • 12/20/13 16:10 Felicia:

    Ah this is rather pretty & i like brown eyeliners, might have to get it!


  • 12/22/13 0:59 Maki:

    Heh, I read “fooled you” in Lord Helmet’s voice from Spaceballs because that’s the only way that phrase exists in my mind. Now I’m imagining a bunch of Lord Helmet’s working at MAC laughing their asses off and stomping their feet, “i can’t believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book! what’s with you, man?!”

    LOL so sorry! I’ll be leaving now! LOL HAPPY HOLIDAYS MUSE


    • 12/26/13 12:10 Isabella Muse:

      LOL Maki! :) And to YOU dear thanks for making me grin this morning god how I love Spaceballs!


  • 12/22/13 10:30 cat:

    How do you make brown eyeliner work for you? To me it always looks like I’ve smeared…eh, something unsavory, shall we say… on my eyelids.


    • 12/23/13 10:09 Isabella Muse:

      just apply and go? :) lol…nothing really special…I rarely have issues with my liner smearing, my eyes are so dry everything just sticks like glue!


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