Mally Beauty Mally’s Guide to Gorgeous Collection January QVC Today’s Special Value

Mally Beauty Mally's Guide to Gorgeous Collection

Get ready for Mally Beauty’s January QVC Today’s Special Value entitled Mally’s Guide to Gorgeous Collection ($59). This set includes 7 full size Mally Beauty products tucked into a makeup bag to get you ready for Spring 2014.

Take a look!

The Mally’s Guide to Gorgeous Collection includes:

  • High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Cherry Blossom
  • Open Up! Eyeliner in Black (a brand new micro fine tipped eyeliner to create flawless lined eyes)
  • Double Ended Powder Brush
  • Get the Last Lash Maximizing Mascara (a dual ended mascara to capture all your lashes and bring them up and out for fullness, volume, and length)
  • Perfect Prep Neutralizing Powder Primer in Fair, Light/Medium, Tan, or Rich (A tinted powder with a cream-like texture that helps skin look flawless by filling fine lines, blurring pores, and evening skin tone)
  • Shadow Base and Eyeshadow Duo (Frosted Taupe)
  • Blender Brush
  • Sakura Makeup Bag

This is available on auto ship so you can grab this set as well as two others that will ship to you in May and September with new seasonal shade selections.

Or just grab it one time with the items listed above.

It’ll launch January 13th on but is already available for pre-order!

  • 12/23/13 11:59 Mary:

    Is it just me or does the price seem a little steep? It looks so pretty though, I love the bag!


    • 1/2/14 8:39 Diana:

      I agree. It does seem a little steep. I have purchased some tsv’s of hers that have more products for the same $ amount. Maybe its because the items are small (lipgloss, eyeliner etc) and thats why it seems like less product. idk. I think ill be passing on this one.


  • 12/25/13 9:32 Amy:

    I love Malloy make up. The sets are always a good value IMO. Thanks for the heads up…I just ordered this!


  • 12/31/13 21:42 Melissa:

    I keep looking at this set wondering if I should order it or not. The eyeshadow color is also in her tsv holiday kit I just got. Has anyone tried her Perfect Prep Neutralizing Powder Primer? I’m wondering if you need to wear anything over it or if it’s good to go like a powder foundation.


  • 12/31/13 22:21 Melissa:

    I’ve been debating on ordering this set. The eyeshadow I already have from her new tsv set I just got a few weeks ago. Has anyone tried the Perfect Prep Neutralizing Powder Primer? I’m just wondering if it’s like a powder foundation or if you need to wear something over it?


  • 1/10/14 12:44 amy:

    I have paid $59 for one product before….mine has shipped already!!


    • 2/11/14 16:52 dawn:

      i have both the lip glitz and best lip trio and they r great. the lip glitz is sparkly but wears nicely the best trio i use almost every day, i am a smoker and i noticed that eat and smoke this set does not wear off fast so i highly recommend it.the peppermint in it makes the lipstick smell great and tingles on ur lips,and the moisture oh it makes ur lips feel great.


      • 2/17/14 11:38 Melissa:

        Thanks dawn! I’ve been wanting to get both of those sets.


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