NYX Cosmetics Sold at CVS this Spring

nyx cosmetics cvs

NYX Cosmetics is now sold at Target and come Spring you’ll find at your local CVS too! That’s right NYX Cosmetics will be sold at CVS (as shared on the CVS Facebook page)!!!! I typically ship Harmons for most of my drugstore beauty and they have had NYX for several years now but I do find it very interesting that NYX is heading more mainstream. It’s typically been an “online” brand in many cases because so few stores sold it so it is great they are coming full circle now. I hope their new homes will begin carrying some of the palettes as well and newer products.

Thanks to reader Jennifer for the info!

P.S. I admit it, I’m loving these little nibbles that the Huff has been posting about 50 Shades but I’m still not convinced Dakoka Johnson is a good Ana….!

fifty shades ana

  • 12/4/13 11:26 Elena:

    YES! I’ve been dying for NYX to come to drugstores. They’re products are a really great bang for your buck. I just wish the butter gloss line had more colors that aren’t so….pasty? Haha. Happy Holidays, Muse.


    • 12/5/13 16:01 the Muse:

      AMEN elena such a great gloss but such terrible zombine shades! Happiest Holidays my dear!


  • 12/4/13 11:45 O:

    I’m with you Muse! Dakota Johnson isn’t Ana for me. I don’t think she will ever be Miss. Steele. I just don’t understand. Seriously though, when I found she was going to be Ana (This is AFTER I had to googled her, to find who she actually was in the first place), I was like WTF? Even though I’m not really a fan of these books (Besides the fact, I still read all 3 of them. Hey, I was curious.) and I 3ven think they got the casting completely wrong. Just saying. Anyways, seemed like every major celebrity out there, being talked about for the roles, were looking the other way. Like hec no. Idk. I’m still going to see the movie, just because of how this movie will turn out. I am happy with the actor playing Christian. Good choice.


    • 12/4/13 13:11 the Muse:

      does she look too old or is it me!? I just expected a more innocent younger Anna….but she might be like K-Stew who I thought was the worst Bella but really grew on me in the first movie (not after that though ugh). I read them and I enjoyed them. It’s absolute garbage lit but it was fun reading 😀 I really love their Christian choice too ;-D Hopefully Dakota surprises us 😀


  • 12/4/13 14:31 lyz:

    Yessss! CVS is literally down the street from me. This could be rather hurtful to my waller though. haha.


    • 12/4/13 14:38 the Muse:

      ha :)


  • 12/4/13 16:21 Veronica:

    I still have no idea how this film is getting a Hollywood release. o_o

    Glad to hear NYX is hitting CVS. Lots of them where I live. :)


    • 12/4/13 16:22 the Muse:

      LOL NC17 rating!? ;-D


  • 12/4/13 17:05 Cindy Ramirez:

    I think it is great that NYX is finally branching out! I hoard my extra buck coupons and wait till they have good bogo sales, happy that NYX will become part of that tradition.


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