Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas for Spring 2014

Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas

If the new Philosophy Miracle Worker Foundation isn’t your deal because you don’t like creams how about the new Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas ($38) that’s launching for Spring 2014!

Take a look!

Mind you Philosophy Supernatural Air Brushed Canvas isn’t exactly new! It’s been around since I’ve been a Philosophy girl and kids, that’s a very long time.

Looks like the packaging has just gotten a revamp here with a new brush for application versus the old sponge one they used in the past.

Philosophy Supernatural Airbrushed Canvas is a weightless buildable powder that looks natural and flawless on skin. It blurs the appearances of fine lines, evens skin ton, and never looks heavy or cakey.

It’s available in seven shades with a price tag of $38.

You can get the newly revamped version now at

  • 12/5/13 19:08 sarah:

    The sponge was the best part of the Supernatural Airbrush Canvas!!! I can’t believe they changed it!


  • 12/6/13 6:42 kellly:

    hmmmm… I may have to give that a try. I have been around long enough to remember an old (OLD!) Coty pressed powder that had optical blurs that was just awesome. I wish they made it still. Of course my skin was (*cough*) a few years younger (*cough*) so maybe anything would have worked well on me way back then. . . .


  • 12/6/13 9:43 ashley:

    omg ALL THESE NEW PHILOSOPHY MAKEUP…*heavy breathing*


  • 12/6/13 15:29 Ashley:

    I don’t like sponges as they hold bacteria and get gross so quickly. I bought a beauty blender sponge at TJ Maxx and have only used it a couple of times. This product looks cool, I will have to try it out, as I’ve only tried their amazing grace perfume from them. I love natural looking and feeling foundations. Not a bad price tag either.


  • 12/8/13 21:42 Janet:

    ZOMG it’s back!!!! I seriously cried when it was no longer available! Thank you, you just made my day!


    • 12/9/13 9:20 the Muse:

      ha my pleasure :)


  • 12/9/13 17:24 Deb:

    I loved the old one, gotta get this new one!


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