Pixi Icy Lip Luster Review & Swatches

Pixi Icy Lip Luster

Pixi Icy Lip Luster ($15) is a new lipgloss set that Pixi released for the Holidays that includes 4 different shades of their new Lip Lusters which are 0.1 oz each.

The set is actually a steal as it includes all four shades for $15 and is available at Target, Target.com, and PixiBeauty.com (always coupons around for Pixi so be sure to hit up RetailMeNot prior to ordering).

Take a look!

Pixi Icy Lip Luster 9

I’m such a sucker for gloss sets and even better yet cheap ones. The Pixi Icy Lip Luster Set includes two sheer sparkly over glosses and two creamy glosses with slight tint. These have a smooth, non-sticky texture with a coconut/tanning oil scent and flavor. They feel very moisturizing on my lips and have a wear of around three to four hours before slipping away.

You get the following shades:

  • Ice Crystal
  • Ice Petal
  • Natural Rose
  • Pink Orchid

Pixi Icy Lip Luster 4

Ice Petal

Pixi Icy Lip Luster 5

Ice Crystal

Pixi Icy Lip Luster 6

Natural Rose

Pixi Icy Lip Luster 7

Pink Orchid

Pixi Icy Lip Luster 8
Ice Petal, Ice Crystal, Natural Rose, Pink Orchid

Each gloss comes in a chubby tube with sponge tip applicator for application. At the moment Lip Lusters aren’t part of Pixi’s permanent line but I imagine Spring 2014 they might release these full size!

Pigmentation is rather sheer on the cream shades here but enough tint to please those who don’t mind a sheerer gloss formula. They wear very comfortably for me and have a slippery texture with a shiny finish that doesn’t migrate.

The nice thing about the set is the lovely little price tag which makes this an affordable pick up for stuffing stockings!

Cute set!

Looking forward to a possible full size of Lip Lusters as they are a rather nice gloss formula!

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