Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block Review & Swatches

Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block 7

As we prepare for Sephora’s next Pantone Collection, hello Radiant Orchid, I thought I’d take a peek at last year’s Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block.

And since it is on sale now is a good a time of any to discuss it!

I swear the Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block is one of the most challenging makeup products I’ve ever run across. And it isn’t due to the formula..

Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block 5

Release with the Sephora Pantone Emerald Capsule Collection this solid block of creamy eyeshadow can be used all over your lids or even as a face or lip product as well!

This cream shadow is richly pigmented and can be used as an all over color product (you may or may not want to run around with it on your cheeks and lips, if so, you can do so!). The water resistant formula sets to a budget proof finish but still has an easy to use creamy consistency that blends out easily and doesn’t have too quick a set time so you have a nice minute to play around with it and work with it before it dries down.

Now my issue…

It is a dramatic emerald green and oh so pigmented but lord knows I had a difficult time incorporating it into a look. All over my eyes it’s a bit TOO much green….! I guess the shade runs cooler and doesn’t have that warmth you’d get from a khaki or an olive green (both of these shades work to add POP to my brown eyes). It just doesn’t quite work for me and even after considering adding a little brown to contrast the shade I decided against it as brown simply was working with it….! I think all over my lids it’s a bit too outrageous…

Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block

Sephora Pantone Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block swatches

So yeah, challenging…!

If you’re a FOND fan of emerald though this block of color is huge and you can create a ton of looks using it plus the formula is easy to work with, wears strong, and doesn’t crease throughout the day.

However, some might feel like I did and that was a just big shrug as to what I couldn’t possible do with a shade like this!? I think it might be safe to say Tangerine Tango was more my girl!

It’s on sale now for $11 at Sephora and

HOW would YOU use the shade?


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  • 12/17/13 11:43 Lindsay:

    I have fair skin with cool undertones. So this cool toned green is right up my alley. I’d rock it out as a liner with a fierce green cat eye! Definitely going on my Sephora list.


    • 12/17/13 11:49 the Muse:

      I’d love to see that 😀


  • 12/17/13 11:44 Bcteagirl:

    When this first came out in the stores I was trying to figure out just how a person could use it. I think it must be a ‘night at the carnival’ type of a colour, and too bright for even a regular night out.


  • 12/17/13 12:19 auroragyps:

    My first thought is to sheer it out and put it over the whole lid up to the crease.

    Line the lower lash line of a nude eye. It’d be great with a peachy nude eye.

    Gold cream shadow over the whole lid and this in the outer corner and crease.

    Dab it over a to bright red toned lipstick to tone it down (love that color wheel) and top with gloss. This one might take a bit of practice.


    • 12/17/13 12:34 the Muse:

      gosh that sounds amazing!


  • 12/17/13 12:27 Alice:

    This would be an amazing base for a green smokey eye! Smoke out the outer corner with a forest green to a black, highlight he inner corner with a shimmery champagne. Gorgeous.


    • 12/17/13 12:34 the Muse:

      that sounds lovely!!!


  • 12/17/13 12:37 Deb:

    Happy Tuesday Muse! Thanks for reviewing this; I was actually thinking about it. I love the color, I have this weird thing with green. I have red hair, fair and slightly freckled skin, and blue eyes. Much against “traditional” makeup wisdom, green eyeshadow actually works with, not against, my blue eyes. Clear bright greens like this make my eyes turn crystal blue if used with a light hand. At first glance, it would seem to me that this would make your big brown eyes pop and would dull down my blue eyes. Isn’t makeup just weird and strange and wonderful!! This color is perfection for me but the fact that it’s a cream is the deal breaker. I’d have to make myself into a leprechaun every day to get through this much cream shadow before it went bad.


    • 12/26/13 15:02 Isabella Muse:

      Hi Deb sorry long over due reply been swamped! Hope you had a wonderful Holiday! :) LOL it is indeed strange, weird, and wonderful :) LOL true it really is A LOT of product! Green typically works amazing for my brown eyes but unfortunately this shade is a little too bright and works against me for some reason! Oh well plenty of other greens to explore and love yes? 😀


  • 12/20/13 1:26 Kenna:

    I have NO idea how I’d use this, but I think one of these in purple would be STUNNING!


  • 3/13/14 15:48 Serena:

    That would look love with Sugarpill Midori and possibly the rest of the Sweetheart palette :)


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