Ulta Holiday Room Sprays

Ulta Holiday Room Spray

Bath & Body Works has the market pegged for room sprays with a variety of fragrances to choose from but here’s a little something different from Ulta this year, Ulta Holiday Room Sprays!

Take a look!

Scent your home (or office, or car, or anywhere!) with a little Holiday cheer with these cute Ulta Holiday Room Sprays ($5). Choose from Holiday Cookie or Pleasant Plum fragrances.

These are available now at Ulta and Ulta.com.

What sorts of candles, tarts, or Holiday room sprays do you use around this time of the year?!

  • 12/9/13 11:49 Ruth:

    Oh good! we need this around one of the litter boxes, my new kitty’s poops would knock over a rhino!


    • 12/9/13 12:00 the Muse:

      yak! haha it’ll be poop and cookie scented ;D lol!


      • 12/9/13 12:47 Ruth:

        (announcer voice) Introducing a new holiday scent! drumroll please- pookie! the combination you always dreamed of- a poop and cookie scent that is sure to please the masses! this is sure to fly off of the shelves so make sure you order the new pookie scent today! and as an added bonus for calling now, we’ll double your order free of charge!


        • 12/9/13 12:58 the Muse:

          LOL you’re insane 😀 I’d buy pookie scent ;D LOL!


  • 12/9/13 21:16 Haji:

    these smell ah-maz-ing. in store these are part of the 5 for $10 deals!


    • 12/12/13 16:02 the Muse:

      Do like nice price!


      • 12/12/13 16:23 Ruth:

        do they have any pookie left in stock?


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