Win the Tarte Cheek Stain Vault

Tarte Cheek Stain Vault

Here’s your chance to win the Tarte Cheek Stain Vault that’s launching for Spring 2014 for a limited time. Yup, an awesome Tarte Cheek Stain Vault that contains eight full size, newly formulated Tarte Cheek Stains.

Simply like this photo (click here) and follow Tarte on Instagram and a random winner will be selected by Tarte to win a Tarte Cheek Stain Vault before it launches in January!

Good Luck!


Question is, if you don’t win will you be purchasing this Vault when it launches with the Tarte Spring 2014 Collection?

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  • 12/16/13 10:03 Suzanne:

    What colors are in this? Where can it be purchased when it launches?


    • 12/16/13 10:12 the Muse:

      i don’t have any info suzanne other than they are giving one away as soon as info becomes available I’ll post about it as of now I thought I’d tell everyone about the giveaway as you might get lucky and win it. Sorry.


      • 12/16/13 11:27 Suzanne:

        I wish I could enter the contest, but I don’t have a smartphone or ipad and I don’t use Instagram. Apparently, there’s no way to access the latter without the former. Oh, well, I’ll just have to buy the vault when it comes out.


  • 12/16/13 13:06 Janis:

    I can spot Exposed, Tipsy, Blushing Bride, Fearless, Blissful, Flush, True love, and (what could be) Natural beauty? (Can’t make out the text on that last one.) Not too shabby! :)


  • 12/16/13 14:13 Deb:

    Hi Muse. Is the reformulation of these stains new for spring? Or did they already reformulate them? I swear I seem to remember you reviewing a reformulated cheek stain but maybe I just imagined it. I’m interested in picking up some more of these but the current formula is a show stopper because it never dries down and just slides off. Any information on that? Thanks.


    • 12/16/13 15:11 the Muse:

      hi deb according to instagram they said they reformulated with the vault but yes they did reformulated them a while ago so I’m not sure unfortunately I don’t have info on any of their Spring Collection yet so not sure exactly what changed. I’ll let you know as soon as I know anything.


      • 12/17/13 10:07 Maria:

        I just sent tarte an e-mail to find out if they will be sold individually, which I doubt but I have my eye on them. What’s the fastest way of getting notified of the release date?


  • 12/16/13 18:09 Kharanya:

    I wish they’d make and sell mini cheek stains, I’d so buy every colour if they did. I’m at home, so only wear makeup on weekends and these days I’m home 24/7 recovering from surgery. It just seems so wasteful to buy the full sized ones to toss them a year later. I threw out a nearly full one a while back and never repurchased, even though I totally adore how they look.


    • 12/17/13 9:55 Maria:

      You might be able to find some mini ones on Ebay. I know they do make them for holiday collections etc…


  • 12/16/13 18:36 Bcteagirl:

    Arg! How can I do an instagram if I don’t have a smart phone? :(


  • 12/17/13 9:11 Maria:

    Hello. Will they be sold separately, or do you need to purchase all? I have 3 cheek stains and I adore them. I want tipsy but as soon as I seen the new packaging I figured I would hold out. I am sure it sill sell like hotcakes


  • 12/17/13 9:12 Maria:

    Is it sad that tarte cheek stains make me happy? LOL


  • 12/17/13 9:54 Maria:

    I was they came scented like the old cheek stains did. Maybe that’s part of the reformulation? That would be great.


  • 1/2/14 10:15 Melody:

    Abdass!! I’ve been eyeballing the collection on when it first displayed online :D yay thanks Muse!


    • 1/2/14 10:17 Melody:

      Oops just saw the date one this :P my daily stupid artarded moment lol


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