If You’re Following Via Facebook You May Be Missing My Posts


Oh woe the sadness of Facebook!

If you’re following Musings of a Muse via Facebook you might be missing some great posts. Facebook is selective about what they post to your timeline unfortunately so some of my posts might not make it through!

In that case might I recommend you check out my newsletter? In the AM it gets sent out with all the posts that I did the day before and you can click through them at your leisure plus it alerts you to every single posts I’ve done so you won’t miss a minute of the good times here on Musings.

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  • 12/20/13 11:26 Cindy:

    That was happening to me! I thought you had just taken a hiatus or something until I searched for your blog. Lo and behold, you had tons of new content that I was unaware of! To remedy that, I found the option to receive notifications on Facebook whenever you post something new. Though it gets confusing between which notifications are from my friends/other activity and which ones are from the blogs that I follow, it’s better than not receiving any heads-up about your stuff 😀


    • 12/20/13 11:28 Isabella Muse:

      hey cindy yeah it sucks :( Facebook doesn’t always show brand new content…! I’m so sorry you missed out! but glad you realized it :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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