Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette Review

Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette

I should up my review of Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette by saying I’m not a vanilla fan girl. I sister loves the note and many of her fragrances her vanilla based but me…I dunno, I’m not really into it. Put it into a sugar cookie scented fragrance mist or some sort of vanilla cake perfume and I’d be on it but just a single note of vanilla? Naa…just not into it.

But Yves Rocher Vanilla Eau de Toilette can easily convert anyone plus did I mention it is merely six dollars?

Ok, so yeah, the bottle is 0.67 oz in size for six bucks, that’s not a lot of product however, for an EDT formula this is actually quite concentrated. A single spritz envelopes the user in a true vanilla bourbon scent that’s slightly sweet but all comfort. It’s the scent that makes you feel like snuggling on the couch on a snow day. That warm relaxing fragrance that’s both sweet and tasteful even dare I say sort of sexy.

Yves Rocher captures the essence and perfection of vanilla bourbon and makes it into a highly desirable fragrance that isn’t too foody or too sweet!

This one is tastefully done and vanilla fans are sure to love it.

Big Muse Approval!

Get it now at www.yvesrocherusa.com (and yes, there’s a large size for $12 should you want to super size your vanilla order!).



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  • 12/17/13 9:49 Eli:

    I really loved this when I was a teen :) People asked me how much chocolate have I eaten 😀


  • 12/18/13 11:57 Nesita:

    I used to wear this every single day when I was in high school haha


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