Bath & Body Works Sun, Air, and Sky Collection for Spring 2014

Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni, My Sun and Stars, add in the Air and Sky subtract the stars and you got yourself the new Sun, Air, and Sky Collection from Bath & Body Works.

Daenerys Targaryen approved.

Bath & Body Works Sun Air Sky Collection

Read ahead!

I hate Bath & Body Works because I am in Winter mode and I am not interested in giving up my hibernation period yet especially considering the snow outside my window, the cold, and the cozy warmth inside my office. That’s not worth giving up for sun, air, sky, and flowers…no way! It’s too early!

But if you’re feeling Spring-like the new Bath & Body Works Sun, Air, and Sky Collection will do you well!

  • Bath & Body Works Sun/Golden Magnolia
  • Bath & Body Works Air/Pear Blossom
  • Bath & Body Works Sky/Violet Lily Sky

Unfortunately, they haven’t technically confirmed notes in these fragrances on their website so I feel a trip to a store is upcoming in my future.

Sigh but I sure do hate the stores, damn aggressive SAs!

The Sun, Air, and Sky Collection is available in fragrance mist, body lotion, shower gel, body cream and more now at your local store or online at

Smelled these already?

Do share!

  • 1/21/14 19:10 Amy Amethyst:

    Well I’m for sure never in winter mode! haha Bring on the warmer weather! Violet Lily sounds good to me. I can’t really remember a BBW SA being too aggressive with me but maybe that’s because I try to put on a “don’t talk to me and leave me alone” vibe. haha


    • 1/22/14 14:07 Isabella Muse:

      I am 😀 I kinda love it! and the Fall 😀 LOL they are ALWAYS scaring me I avoid the store whenever possible and order online!


      • 1/22/14 14:32 Amy Amethyst:

        I love fall but then it needs to go back to spring and summer and just skip winter!
        Do I need to come be your bodyguard? haha Maybe they are just more aggressive in NY than in GA! haha


        • 1/22/14 14:56 Isabella Muse:

          or maybe just stay Fall all year round!? LOL yes please 😀


          • 1/22/14 15:03 Amy Amethyst:

            That would be good, except need a few months of warmer to go swimming! Or you can build me an indoor pool. Your call! haha

          • 1/22/14 15:18 Isabella Muse:

            Indian Summer for that right!? ;-D

          • 1/22/14 17:03 Amy Amethyst:

            Sounds good to me! Now we just need to take over the world and implement our perfect plan!

          • 1/23/14 10:01 Isabella Muse:

            i’m working on taking over the world part ;-D

          • 1/23/14 11:23 Amy Amethyst:

            We just need some minions to help us!

          • 1/23/14 11:29 Isabella Muse:

            I think I can recruit people through the website what do you think?! 😀

          • 1/23/14 12:00 Amy Amethyst:

            Totally!! At least we would all have a love of makeup and all things beauty.

          • 1/23/14 12:07 Isabella Muse:

            plus we can possibly mastermind the minions with the promise of makeup and beauty…abuse our powers by holding makeup above their heads as a way to get them to work harder in our work to take over the world, the universe! ;-D

          • 1/23/14 12:53 Amy Amethyst:

            Now you’re talking! I like the way you think! Soon it will all be ours. Mwahahaha! *strokes the cat in my lap*

          • 1/27/14 15:51 Isabella Muse:

            LOL the cat sure is a great extra might I add!

  • 1/22/14 19:17 Genesis:

    I have a mini air lotion in my purse, the smell is okay nothing crazy.


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