Bath & Body Works Sweet Shop Antibacterial Hand Soap Launches

bath and body works sweet shop hand soap

The Bath & Body Works Sweet Shop Antibacterial Hand Soap are now available online for Spring 2014! I can’t wait for these to reach stores…! I’ve been debating whether or not I need them right this very minute I decided I’d wait for an in store purchase to see if I need backups of any of these.

Ladies and gents the Bath & Body Works Sweet Shop is open!

bath and body works sweet shop hand soap spring 2014

Bath & Body Works Lemon Chiffon Tart Hand Soap
Sweet meyer lemon, grapefruit nectar and verbena blossom.

Bath & Body Works Plum Berry Sorbet Hand Soap
Seet plum, juicy blackberry and sugarcane.

Bath & Body Works Pink Vanilla Macaroon Hand Soap
Pink passionfruit, red raspberries and fresh vanilla cream.

Bath & Body Works Orange Creamsicle Swirl Hand Soap
Valencia orange sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and crushed mango.

Bath & Body Works Sugar Berry Shortcake Hand Soap
Strawberries, fresh whipped cream and spun sugar.

Bath & Body Works Fresh Honeydew Lemonade Hand Soap
Lemons, juicy honeydew and sweet yellow watermelon.

Honeydew Lemonade sounds divine doesn’t it? I think some of these I might need a back up!

Whatcha think?

They are online now but not sure when they launch in store or if they are already available.

  • 1/16/14 14:48 Coco:

    Honeydew Lemonade & Plum Berry Sorbet sound delightful, but antibacterial soaps are a blight on humanity so I’ll have to pass. Bummer!!


  • 1/16/14 14:55 Cookie:

    MacaRON, Muse! Hee hee 😊. These sound so pretty. The pink macaron would be cute in a Valentine’s gift so will definitely pick a couple of those up along with that red velvet candle. The plum one must find its way to my bathroom tho.

    Call me weird, but I don’t like food scented soap in my kitchen. I can’t have competing scents while I’m baking so my hand soap is unscented. The only exception to that has been their lemon kitchen soap. I haven’t been in a BBW in so long not sure if they even make it anymore. Might have to try that honeydew lemonade — sounds lovely.


    • 1/16/14 15:33 Isabella Muse:

      lol…be careful, the world will kill you if you say tomatoE and they say tomato! do you bake professionally? or just a hobby? curious minds ;-D I can’t boil water so…! ;-D Honeydew lemonade sounds like a nice kitchen scent ;D


      • 1/16/14 17:21 Cookie:

        I call them both macaroon-y-rons now just to keep my a… bases covered! 😄

        Baking is my hobby unless you ask my hubs and he’ll say obsession! My office has a wall of cookie cutters, packaging supplies and ribbon. I make things for just family and friends but I don’t get paid or anything. All I ask is they provide the ingredients ($butter and $sugar) and I do the rest.

        I do give out massive amounts of treats during the holidays: Chtistmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and Halloween. Sporting events too cause I’m a big sports fan. So you can imagine this is a busy time for me. 😳 Super Bowl, Olympics and Valentine’s Day! Woo hoo!!!


        • 1/17/14 9:24 Isabella Muse:

          I’ve always called the pastries macaron and the coconut cookies macaroons maybe I’m completely political incorrect lol! this sounds amazing 😀 I’d love to see pics of your goodies! You should document 😀 start a blog! I’d read it! I love foodie blogs hehe!


  • 1/16/14 22:30 Colleen P.:

    I found these at my store yesterday. The lemon is AMAZING-so zesty and refreshing. The plum has a nice plummy scent, but wasn’t for me. The honeydew one was nice, but really strong. I found the others to be a little too sweet.


    • 1/17/14 9:12 Isabella Muse:

      did you actually smell the honeydew in it or was it overpowered by the other note?


      • 1/20/14 16:02 Colleen P.:

        I could actually smell the honeydew. I found it a bit overwhelming, but I’m sure many will enjoy it!


        • 1/21/14 9:29 Isabella Muse:

          hm I’m very curious!


  • 1/16/14 22:32 Nat:

    OMG I need all of these! You should see my “collection” of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works that I keep under the sink…I line them up by season, heh heh. 😀


    • 1/17/14 9:11 Isabella Muse:

      LOL ditto! we are diseased!


  • 1/17/14 10:52 allison1998:

    These havent shown up in my store yet, but I am impatiently awaiting them. The Honeydew, Lemon Tart and Orange Creamsicle ones are calling my name. I love anything lemon or orange. The Honeydew is just different.


  • 1/18/14 13:20 Tanya:

    All of these are calling my name, especially Pink Vanilla Macaron. Perfect timing too as I am just about out of Candy Cane Bliss.


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