Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleansing Face Wash Review

Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleansing Face Wash

After the week I’m having I need to go home and relax! The new Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleansing Face Wash is a new oil-free nightly face wash with deep sea minerals and sea kelp extract to way away your long day and your makeup with a calming fragrance to help wind you down.

Ok, so maybe I’m wound a little too tightly because I’m technically Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Deep Cleansing Face Wash actually winds me down but it does smell delightfully aquatic, soft, and lovely.

This is a great basic cleanser. I typically save the big guns for my nightly routine because I’m the type to spend a good deal time on my nightly skincare regime so even though they market this as a nightly cleanser I prefer it in the AM in my shower!

I think one of the best things about it, the lack of beads! Thank GOD! You know how much I dislike those horrible, evil little beads…this is a smooth gel that lathers up very nicely with a slightly slick feel that rinses clean away with lukewarm water. It doesn’t dry my skin out and leaves it nicely hydrated. It removes basic makeup in a flash and gives my complexion a nice squeaky clean feel!

If you like Clean & Clear products you’re bound to adore this. It’s a refreshing cleanser with a lovely scent that’s perfect for quickie makeup removal or for use with your Clarisonic.

The lack of evil beads?

A total plus!

It launches in drugstores shortly (I already saw it at Walgreens and CVS).

Grabs it now!

Any Clean & Clear products you absolutely love?

Do share!


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  • 1/30/14 19:40 LydiaR:

    Can you describe the scent a bit more? Does it smell like lavender? So many “relaxing” products smell like lavender, which I just can’t stand!


    • 1/31/14 9:37 Isabella Muse:

      no, no lavender, it kinda smells like the universal C&C scent, kinda like their moisturizer but softer, very fresh slightly floral…I can’t really pick any note from it to be honest but kinda has a shampoo smell about it not in a bad way!


  • 1/30/14 20:45 Alanna:

    Does this have the tingly cool feeling of the morning version? I ended up not liking that one because of that lol (even though i was attracted to it by that at first) (sorry posting tipsy if this doesnt make sense oop)


    • 1/31/14 9:35 Isabella Muse:

      no, not really…!


    • 6/13/14 20:29 Mimi:

      The tingly cool feeling is meant to wake you up! 😀


  • 1/30/14 23:30 Ashley:

    Sounds interesting and I definitely want to try! The sea minerals and such remind of something of a LA MER advertisement, mineral this a miracle broth that. HA


  • 1/31/14 0:31 Marilyn @ Lipgloss+Spandex:

    OH MY GOSH I totally hate those little evil beads too! I’m pretty excited for this Clean & Clear night cleanser. If it’s reasonably priced and will leave my skin squeaky clean, I need to get my hands on it.


  • 1/31/14 1:14 Fey:

    This sounds so dreamy! Just what I’ve been wanting. Thanks, Muse!


    • 1/31/14 9:31 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure dear ;-D


  • 1/31/14 2:29 cat:

    The beads! I used a face wash (probably from Clean & Clear) with beads once. Never again!

    Slightly off topic but is there a good cleanser you’d recommend for me to use with my konjac sponge? I have slightly sensitive skin and it’s hard to find something without a fragrance.


    • 1/31/14 9:31 Isabella Muse:

      if you’re sensitive the fragrance in this might be an issue cat……!


      • 1/31/14 10:39 cat:

        Is there another product you’d recommend?


        • 1/31/14 11:06 Isabella Muse:

          honestly no I suck at recommending products for sensitive skin! I rare break out, my skin is tough as nails lol! So I’m horrible at recommending products that I THINK might work for sensitive skin. Honestly, one of the gentlest cleansers I’ve come across that doesn’t dry skin out or strip it, has zero fragrance etc…is the gel cleanser that comes with the Clarisonic (they sell it on its own as well). My friend has sensitive skin and he swears by it!


          • 1/31/14 15:36 cat:

            You’re so lucky. My skin is like a delicate flower. My nails on the other hand are fantastic. Which is why I’m primarily a nail polish blogger. I think I’ll stick with Avene as long as it doesn’t dry out my skin or break me out and keep the Clarisonic in mind if I have issues with the Avene later as the Clarisonic is a little more expensive.

          • 2/3/14 15:58 Isabella Muse:

            I’d rather have delicate cat tbh! my skin is dry as hells, hate it. Amy also made a suggestion for you here as well 😀

    • 2/3/15 1:08 Camille:

      I have sensitive skin as well, cetaphil and Spectro a great for sensitive skin & are very gentle , free from dyes, fragrances, etc. check them out they’re great!! :)


  • 1/31/14 22:12 amy:

    If I may interject, Purpose is unscented, and very gentle. CVS also has their own version, which is identical. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I’ve used it directly on my eyes to remove stubborn makeup, and it was like using water. It’s inexpensive, especially if you buy the store-brand, and it’ll last a while. Also, pure castile soap can be an option!


  • 2/1/14 13:34 Cj:

    No beads?! No lavender?! Say hello to my new morning cleanser 😀 Just gotta wait for the stores to get em


    • 2/3/14 15:11 Isabella Muse:

      HA! ;-D tell me whatcha think when you tried! my fav is still the brightening one ;-D


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