If You Were Curious, This is How Cute the Tarte Cheek Stain Vault Is

Tarte Cheek Stain Collector's Vault 2

(Awww the mama and the baby!)

How stupid cute is the Tarte Cheek Stain Collector’s Vault? As cute as Jay in She’s Out Of My League! Not really but almost. P.S. He’s single now ladies so if you want a piece of that lanky, geeky lad best be getting to work.


But about that Vault…!

Props if you knew the Tarte Cheek Stain Collector’s Vault came in a MASSIVE shaped Tarte Cheek Stain! OMG! The cuteness! Inside you’ll find a complete collection of every single Tarte Cheek Stain every made in the brand new Spring 2014 packaging. P.S. Gush, gush about the whimsical new packaging!

It’s actually a $240 value if you purchased all the stains on their own so this is a nice little deal. There’s two very tiny pull out drawers inside the Vault packaging as well which I personally use to store my plans to take over the world.

Tarte Cheek Stain Collector's Vault 1

The stains inside are:

  • Flush
  • Fearless
  • Blissful
  • Blushing Bride
  • True Love
  • Exposed
  • Natural Beauty
  • Tipsy

It’s ok to drool all over it and Jay as well. No judgement.

Pick it up now at Sephora and Sephora.com.

I know some of you already got it you cheeky little devils do share your thoughts on it!

Review and swatches upcoming!


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  • 1/7/14 11:21 Lindsey:

    ITS TOO CUTE!!! I think I need to get that


  • 1/7/14 11:34 Cj:

    I’ve apparently been looking at underwear… All the ads on your site is from international jock…


    • 1/7/14 11:36 Isabella Muse:

      shrug are the guys at least hot in the ads? I keep getting converse….obviously my sick habit shows in the ads that get displayed…could be worst.


      • 1/7/14 11:45 Cj:

        Muscley and in thongs. Yep… Lmao. TIME TO DELETE COOKIES rofl


        • 1/7/14 12:13 Isabella Muse:

          you love it! ;-D


  • 1/7/14 13:52 Maria A:

    Did you notice how the original packaging was 1.5oz then 1oz and now .50oz all for the same price. Somehow it just doesn’t make sense to pay moare for less. Or am I just confused. Although I do have this vault and I don’t regret the purchase i just wish they came down on the price. It is less product after all.


    • 1/7/14 14:05 Isabella Muse:

      i did :( was going to mention in my review…I kinda sorta like the new size though….because the bigger size seemed messier and these seem more compact so when I close them I’m not slicing off a chunky of product nor are they bleeding around the edge of the packaging the way the old ones did….! I hate to say it but unfortunately you’re going to see price raises on everything at some point :( heck I remember when Lush Snow Fairy was $19.99 for the large bottle it’s now what $32? Companies have to make money somehow unfortunately so nothing every stays the same price/size wise :(


      • 1/7/14 19:17 Nicole:

        I’m super okay with companies raising their prices every couple years, but I think it’s ridiculous to double the price all at once. For instance, if they had changed to this new size and reduced the price by 25%, they’d still be increasing the price per oz by 25% but I would be FAR more likely to buy their product. Although I like the formula of these cheek stains a lot, I definitely will not be purchasing any of them.


  • 1/7/14 13:54 Sylirael:

    This is just too cute! The little drawers are a nice touch :-)


  • 1/7/14 13:55 Maria A:

    Oh and everyone keeps saying they smell great. It kinda smells like Windex to me. They should have brang back the fruity smell with the new formulation. Do you notice that these sweat?


    • 1/7/14 14:03 Isabella Muse:

      no sweating thankfully….however, only had them for a few days…! I do love the smell though :) it’s kind of a citrus fruity scent!


    • 1/9/14 14:28 Karena:

      Hi Maria A. – Mine sweat, as well, and I live in a very mild climate. I have heard others talk about the “sweating” issue as well, so you are not alone. :-)


      • 1/10/14 11:39 Maria A:

        Hi Karen. I am so happy I am not alone : ). All the somewhat negative reviews on the sephora site keep getting erased which is nuts. People have their right to their opinion so I thought I was the only one with the sweating issue. Any thought on how to fix it? PS I live in NY Bi-polar city lol


  • 1/7/14 14:59 Maria A:

    No, I totally love the new size perfect fir if you want to apply it directly to the cheeks. I just wish they cut $5.00 off of the price. I do love them though. Why are mines sweating then? Maybe too hot in my apartment? : (


    • 1/7/14 15:06 Isabella Muse:

      it could be! I have them in my makeup room at the moment and it gets mighty hot in there! I’ll be reviewing next week likely so I’ll let you know if I experience the same problem! I know the old ones were SO messy! Every time I opened them the rim would have all blush juice (for lack of a better word lol) all over it and it would spill everywhere and stain :(


  • 1/7/14 15:26 Maria A:

    See on the other hand I never had any issues once so ever with the old ones. I just hope they don’t melt away lol. On the old ones I still have the clear plastic over them do I need that or can I just toss it?


    • 1/7/14 15:54 Isabella Muse:

      I’m talking about the very first first first formula….! do you remember those? They were the ones that were a REAL mess! After that they reformulated and the formula was denser kinda creamier even and less sweating…! awwww! I hope not. Pop in the fridge? No way keep it! I do. It keeps them nice and mess-free and fresh imho! Just pop it off when using and pop it back on after you’re done :)


  • 1/8/14 10:15 Maria A:

    Sad to say I still have 1 of the originals the 1.5oz lol and I actually never had an issue. I just hope I didn’t get a bad batch with this one. I hope not. I would be devastated. I have all the plastics still. TY for the advice. The new ones the clear plastic in on the cap and not on the stain. Is that weird?


    • 1/14/14 16:01 Isabella Muse:

      no kidding! the very first ones? I always had probs with them always! my pleasure! Maybe you should return to sephora and get another one…hell you paid for it perhaps it is a fluke!!!!!!!!! hmm I didn’t notice that I have to look!


  • 1/8/14 11:44 kimmyyy:

    These are so cute! I’ve never tried their cheek stains, but this may tempt me… By the way, the little drawers didn’t have anything stashed in them? If not, what a random addition to the packaging, lol!


    • 1/8/14 12:15 Isabella Muse:

      no nothing lol! I thought it random too but somehow cute?! 😀


  • 1/9/14 12:09 Vicki:

    Did you purchase this yourself?? I only ask because seriously if you had the money would you spend it on this? How is the new formulation? I never had a problem with old one so I don’t know why they felt the need for reformulation.


    • 1/9/14 12:14 Isabella Muse:

      Hi Vicki as per the post I haven’t tried it yet and a review and swatches are coming as soon as I complete my testing. This was sent to me by the company but as soon as I test it I’ll let you know if it is something I’d purchase for myself…hope this helps!


  • 1/28/14 21:07 vivian:

    If you look at the top of the packaging as it is opened, you can see behind the plastic 4 hooks on each side. I think this giant cheek stain box is supposed to be a jewelry box. I’m all for that!


    • 1/29/14 9:20 Isabella Muse:

      that is correct vivian :) I just recently found that out and announced it via twitter ;D


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