Dior Rose Crinoline Rouge Dior Lipstick Review & Swatches

Dior Rose Crinoline Rouge Dior Lipstick1

Dior Rose Crinoline Rouge Dior Lipstick ($32) is one of two limited edition shades of Rouge Dior Lipstick that launches with the Dior Spring 2014 Makeup Collection.

Rose Crinoline is exactly rose so that name is slightly misleading. Typically shades like this I avoid like the plague as it is a very cool, milky shade of coral which translates as not a good idea for my skin tone as it drowns me out and gives me the dreaded zombie lip look.

But I have to admit I actually had a lot of fun with this color with my attempts to making it work for me.

Take a peek!

Housed in Dior’s standard navy blue tube with silver accents that match up with the Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette’s packaging, Rouge Dior Lipstick is elegant and understated.

Dior Rose Crinoline Rouge Dior Lipstick

Dior Rose Crinoline Rouge Dior Lipstick swatches

Last year Dior reformulated Rouge Dior Lipstick and it was probably one of the best things they have every done as the creamy consistency is truly the BMW of the lipstick world. Lightweight, extremely hydrating, shiny, and oh so creamy and buttery to apply these lipsticks are surely the best of the best. The slicker texture would translate mentally to sheer in my mind but Rose Crinoline and most shades of Rouge Dior pack great pigment. I get a wear time of about four hours from the formula.

Rose Crinoline is a scary shade for me as it’s all milky coral peachy goodness. It’s a shade I’d dub as being very mod simply because it reminds me of something Twiggy might have worn. I had a ton of fun playing with it because applied with two strokes it is full opaque and quite garish on me but if I sheer it out gently with gloss it looks quite lovely and creates a very pretty nude lip look! This is how I’m wearing it below. The shade is super slick and has a very high shine finish however, it does have a knack for flowing into natural lip lines which results in a bit of an uneven finish. You’ll need to pat your lips together gently or tap your finger on your lips to smoother the color out for a better finish. The shade didn’t migrate or feather on my lips.

Overall, you have to take a chance with this shade. It’s a hands on lipstick and a challenging color for some skin tones. I thought it was worth the extra work, I could see myself using it in nude looks all Spring long.

Dior Rose Crinoline Rouge Dior Lipstick fotd

Grab it now on counters or at Nordstrom.com.

What do you think of the shade?


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  • 1/17/14 11:52 Amanda:

    Gorgeous color!


    • 1/17/14 12:03 Isabella Muse:

      I thought so too! :)


  • 1/17/14 12:17 Sarah:

    It’s funny at my work everyone tried this on when it came in and it looked AMAZING on everyone. It was a must have for me and I love it!


    • 1/17/14 12:28 Isabella Muse:

      i can’t blame you! It really is a lovely shade…it scares me a little but with a little work I can def wear it 😀


  • 1/17/14 13:09 Meesha Kaw:

    Lovely makeup look today, Muse. I think your experience with this shade was much like mine with MAC Huggable lip color in Fresh & Frisky, which is also a milky coral peach. I posted a review on how much I loved the formula when I reviewed Rusty and Rich Marron, but then struggled a bit to make Fresh & Frisky look good.

    Also, I want to note that i really appreciate how you are so interactive with your readers and do your best to respond to our comments. Many of the more established bloggers like yourself tend to become less interactive as the number of readers grow. Probably b/c they must receive an overwhelming amount of mail and comments, but I really like it how you clearly make a lot of effort. And you are also very approachable. Thank you.


    • 1/17/14 13:21 Isabella Muse:

      thank you misses! 😀 milky shades like this are SO not my thing but I was determined to make it worth! Try a little clear gloss, it really sheers a shade out and makes it wearable! AWWWWWWWWWWW thank you! I really try hard Meesha! Sometimes tweets and emails get away from me but on MusingsofaMuse I try to be very, very diligent :) thank YOU that was a lovely comment that made me feel appreciated!


  • 1/17/14 13:23 Jennifer R.:

    It looks so pretty on you! I also try to avoid colors like this lipstick shade because it also washes me out. Did you use a clear gloss to sheer it out?


    • 1/17/14 13:26 Isabella Muse:

      thanks Jennifer yes I did mentioned it in the review :)


  • 1/17/14 14:06 Nadia:

    I think this lipstick is a great nude for you! What gloss did you put over it Muse?


    • 1/17/14 14:07 Isabella Muse:

      hi nadia just some clear benefit gloss, nothing tinted :)


  • 1/17/14 14:07 fancie:

    The color instantly makes me think of spring lol. It’s so darn pretty!!


  • 1/17/14 20:41 Nat:

    Take another pic without the gloss; I am intrigued by this concept of a “garish” Muse! 😀


  • 1/18/14 23:15 Hess:

    GREAT shirt, that’s my style too. :)


    • 1/20/14 9:09 Isabella Muse:

      thanks hess!


  • 1/20/14 20:33 Tammie:

    Did they redo all the Rouge Dior shades? If so I miiiiight need it x_X I loved it before but they weren’t exactly “everyday” feeling…


    • 1/21/14 9:24 Isabella Muse:

      last year Tammie :)


      • 1/21/14 13:25 Tammie:

        Awesome! I know what I’ll be checking out tonight ;). I loved them before but it sounds like they’re perfect now…I never really use the ones I had, but it sounds like I might get a lot of use out of the new formulations! Thanks!!


        • 1/21/14 13:26 Isabella Muse:

          my pleasure! They are creamy, shinier to me!


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