Ettusais Puru Puru Serum Review & Swatches

Ettusais Puru Puru Serum1

Apparently what my skin needs more of is the unusual Ettusais Puru Puru Serum! Or not? This odd little moisturizer slash serum looks like a peeling gel of some sort (think Cure Natural Aqua Gel) but it isn’t…!

I’m so confused.

Ettusais Puru Puru Serum2

Ettusais Puru Puru Serum was recently launched in Japan and comes housed in a tiny screw top pink jar. At a glance it looks like a scrub as it has a grainy texture but swatching it you’ll find it feels more like an Asian peeling product of some sort. It’s very chunky and grainy in consistency with a gelatine-like consistency that wriggles and could possibly be alive and preparing to take over the world (this last part is unconfirmed).

Ettusais Puru Puru Serum

Ettusais Puru Puru Serum swatches

Those tiny granules you see here actually “burst” or melt down as you apply the product. The jelly-like texture actually absorbs fairly faast and leaves skin velvety and almost matte in finish.

According to Ettusais those small grains or beads are moisture capsules that have all sorts of good stuff in them like hyaluronic acid, fermented royal jelly and water-soluble collagen. They actually plump up and improve the appearance of visible pores supposedly but I can’t say if that is working as my pores aren’t exactl visible.

It’s recommended as the last step in your skincare for morning and night use. It’s actually a very interesting product not only because it looks like a scrub or a peel but also because of the semi-matte finish it provides yet still allowing for plenty of moisture as well which makes it a suitable serum for both oily and drier skin types.

According to the brand it is fragrance free but I detected some fragrance when I smelled it….! I don’t mind at all but sensitive users might wish to beware prior to a purchase.

I dunno if I need yet another moisturizing product in my life but this sure makes a fine prep for makeup as it allows my foundation to glide on easily and provides a good base for it!

I got mine at should you wish to explore it.


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  • 1/15/14 0:23 Alanna:

    okay, I’m intrigued. it’s weird and I want it!


  • 1/15/14 8:59 fancie:

    The texture looks really interesting lol. It definitely looks more like a mask or treatment rather than a serum. The formula does sound pretty nice though. They come up with the most interesting skincare products overseas!


  • 1/15/14 9:41 Whimsical Kelly:

    I’m with Alanna. I want to try this!


  • 1/29/15 15:56 Jaa:

    Umm… I’m confused, too. Haha. I’m really tempted to buy this just to feel the texture! That close-up photo is awesome! Makes me want to jab my finger in it. LOL.


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