Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher Review & Swatches

Etude House Minnie Touch Blush

Whether you love Minnie Mouse or just adore purple blushes and wanna embrace the Pantone Shade of the Year this cute Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher will make your year.

But the formula, well, I dunno…

Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher3

Etude House released a darling Minnie Mouse Collection late last year that included lipsticks, polishes, and more including this sweet Touch Blusher!

This is more about the cute factor versus practical daily use in my opinion! Don’t get me wrong lilac blushes have been done and done well in the past but you might find the Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher isn’t exactly easy to work with.

As you can see it comes in a cute case and features am embossment of Minnie on the powder itself. It’s cute but Minnie does wear easily away with a few swipes of a brush!

The base of the blush is a soft lilac. This is the main color and the shade that dominates. Minnie herself is made up of a lighter peachy pink and a beige peach. Combined the shades create a very, very past effect. In reality they want you to sort of highlight, add color, and contour with all three shades separately but it’s a little hard dipping your brush into these shades and not picking up other colors in the process. Granted there are a few blushes around that use the same idea and concept but at least with those you can just swirl in all three shades, apply, and you’re good. Doing so with this means you end up with a good deal of the lilac shade which ends up looking very chalky and pasty on skin without any real color definition from the other colors. Even if you do manage to just grab say the peachy pink it really lacks pigment and applies subtly on my skin tone. I suppose really light skin might enjoy this but even than you might struggle with these shades.

Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher

Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher swatches

The texture of the powder is matte with a soft, silky consistency and a good deal of a powdery kick up. No matter how light handed you are you’ll find this kicks up a ton of powder.

Cute yes but Etude House Minnie Touch Blusher isn’t the most friendly product in the world. Perhaps to a collector this is a cute makeup item but if you’re purchasing for the cute factor as well as the blush one well, you might be disappointed.

It’s available now from F2Plus1 on E-bay should you like to grab one!

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  • 1/23/14 20:44 Andrew:

    I wish this had come out last year! I seem to have a knack for predicting the next PCOTY, and last year I was obsessed with anything orchid/lilac. Now I’m starting to lean towards deeper, more intense blackened jewel tones. I may still get it since it does seem like a nice day-to-day blush for me (I find myself reaching for my NARS Multiple in Cadaques or Mata Hari/Amour blushes), and it’s definitely unique. Great review and swatches as usual, gorgeous. Your posts always cheer me up.


    • 1/24/14 9:35 Isabella Muse:

      next year I’ll be looking for a blackened jewel tone Andrew ;-D Aw thanks <3! happy to hear that!


  • 1/24/14 0:52 Lacy:

    I NEED this. That is all..


  • 1/24/14 19:45 don pon:

    Huh. Glad I skipped this. I love the Minnie Mouse lipsticks, though.


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