Too Faced Lollipop La Creme Lipstick Review & Swatches

Too Faced Lollipop La Creme

Too Faced Lollipop La Creme Lipstick ($22) is one of several new permanent shades that Too Faced launched for Spring 2014.

Far be it for me to recommend purple lipstick considering I’ve gotten a little more conservative with my makeup in recent years but…well, here’s a big recommendation for purple lipstick!

Too Faced Lollipop La Creme Lipstick is a cool violet shade with tons of beautiful shimmer. It’s actually quite candy purple on my lips with a good deal of shimmer more so than I’ve experience with any other La Creme shade. It’s quite glossy looking as well and although pigmented it isn’t so color rich that the shade drowns out your mouth. For me it is very wearable and likely will be across a wide range of skin tones as it is one of those universally friendly shades of violet that you can actually wear without being intimidated by it.

Too Faced Lollipop La Creme Lipstick swatches

The formula is a little less creamy than the regular La Creme line and quite a good deal more glossy. it wears for a solid four hours and leaves behind a bit of shimmer in its wake. It doesn’t drag during application and has a creamy glide but feels a little tiny bit gritty to my mouth. It has a fresh lemony sugar flavor and fragrance.

Well, I never thought I’d say this but DO pick it up! I think this fresh flavor pairs wonderfully well with a chocolate-y eye look you can create using the new Chocolate Bar Palette! And of course with the Pantone Color of the Year being Radiant Orchid this is an ideal shade to sport the trend without feeling uncomfortable since the shade is so very wearable!

Too Faced Lollipop La Creme Lipstick fotd

Muse Approved.

Grab this one! It’s too unique not to own and so incredibly easy to wear!

Curious minds which new La Creme shades did you end up grabbing for Spring?



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  • 1/14/14 13:10 Al:

    So pretty…


  • 1/14/14 13:43 Shweta:

    I would have skipped this coz of glitter..but you make this shade look so beautiful that I am not tempted :)..I am also loving Bon bon and Taffy from the new collection…looking forward for your review on those as well..:)


    • 1/14/14 13:55 Isabella Muse:

      I know, the glitter is a little unusual but it looks amazing on promise. I actually already reviewed both of those shades maybe you missed it! :)


      • 1/14/14 16:08 shweta:

        Lol Muse..I never ever miss any post of yours..i absolutely love your blog..but looks like my memory has gone for a toss..:P


        • 1/14/14 16:09 Isabella Muse:

          LOL no worries my dear! I have those brain fart moments too 😀 and very flattered you never miss any of my posts <3!


          • 1/14/14 16:12 shweta:

            Never ever do I..Never ever will I..absolutely adore your blog!..<3

          • 1/14/14 16:22 Isabella Muse:

            awww shucks gimme a big hug!

          • 1/14/14 16:38 shweta:

            *Big hug* and lots of love and good wishes your way..:)

          • 1/15/14 9:14 Isabella Muse:

            aw right back atcha 😀

  • 1/14/14 13:58 Karen:

    I’m going to have to try this. It looks beautiful.


  • 1/14/14 16:10 Puri:

    This color looks fab on you! I’m such a makeup newbie, how long will it take me till I can gather the courage to go purple? I’m just starting to learn the joy of brown-tones, lol XD


    • 1/14/14 16:22 Isabella Muse:

      LOL Puru awww! I always feel like a makeup newbie ;-D this color scared me but it really is wearable promise!


  • 1/14/14 18:49 don pon:

    I have a stupid amount of purple lipsticks and glosses (yeah, I’m kinda obsessed), but I waaaant iiiit!

    I’m gonna buy it and it’s totally your fault, Muse!! 😛 😛 lol


    • 1/15/14 9:14 Isabella Muse:

      hehehe 😀 I’ll take that blame!


  • 1/15/14 0:15 Ashley:

    Love this color so trendy but very wearable, looks great on you btw.


    • 1/15/14 9:07 Isabella Muse:

      thanks ashley!


  • 1/15/14 9:26 Nadia:

    This color looks stunning on you! I haven’t tried La Creme lipsticks yet but I have feeling I will very soon! Is this your favorite shade from the spring collection?!


    • 1/15/14 9:38 Isabella Muse:

      No I think my fav was pink chocolate! :)


  • 1/15/14 10:58 fancie:

    I own a few La Creme lippies and I’ve only used them a couple of times but I really liked them so I’m ALL over Lollipop! It looks beautiful on you Muse!! I bet you’d look great in all types of purple lippies because you’re working Lollipop lol. You should wear purple more often!


    • 1/15/14 11:10 Isabella Muse:

      AW shucks thanks Fancie! I KNOW it’ll rock on you with your beautiful skin tone :-D!


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