New Year, New Skincare Gadget

Foreo Luna Skincare Brush

Meet the new Foreo Luna Skincare Brush (look out Clarisonic there’s a new kid on the block). Yes, it looks like something from out of space but actually it’s a new silicone facial brush that delivers t-sonic pulsations to your skin for a deep yet gentle clean.

Oh and by the way those pulsations reduce the signs of aging apparently.

The Foreo Luna’s brush surface is made from thinner silicone touch points that are thicker and thinner for both a gentle and deep cleanse. The reverse side of the brush has a series of concentric silicone waves which are excellent for anti-aging benefits. Supposedly the Luna can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and leaves the skin firmer with more elasticity while removing dead skin cells, makeup residue, dirt, and oil.

No word or confirmation about it walking the dog or doing laundry as of yet.

Count me curious! I’d be willing to cheat on my Clarisonic and give this a try.

How about you?

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  • 1/20/14 11:05 Angela:

    I have one from Christmas that I absolutely love. It feels like a massage on your skin. It’s also really nice you only have to charge it about twice a year.


    • 1/20/14 11:08 Isabella Muse:

      no way seriously? that’s pretty cool!


  • 1/20/14 11:40 Cj:

    I have the men’s version, it’s really nice. I’ve been using it in the morning and my clarisonic at night. I feel like the bristles in the clarisonic helps take off whatever remnants of makeup I had on better than the foreo, but that could just be cause it feels different idk.


    • 1/20/14 16:30 anne:

      I heard the same thing so i plan on getting it the way you’re using it, foreo in the morning clarisonic at night. and then just foreo on the weekends. its supposed to be a lot gentler even for those that couldn’t use the clarisonic.


  • 1/20/14 11:44 Sara:

    I received one from BzzAgent to try out and I really love it! I have the Mini and its completely waterproof, so I use it in the shower with face scrub. And I haven’t had to charge it once since I initially got it and charged it up. It helped clear my skin up a bit and I haven’t had the dry skin nearly as badly on my chin this winter as I have in past year. It’s great! Super portable too.


  • 1/20/14 11:51 Dita:

    I have this! Well, not this one but the mini one. I have been loving it so far! Somehow clarisonic irritates my skin (I even used the delicate brush), which is sad. So glad to have the foreo luna mini though! It’s cheaper in the long run too because I don’t need to buy a new brush every 3 months. They also say one charge is good for 300 uses, no more worrying when I travel! :)


  • 1/20/14 12:14 Stephanie:

    After being a loyal Clarisonic user for years, I gave the Luna mini a shot and I absolutely love it…I’ve had it for a few months now, it works better and gives a much more gentle cleanse for every day use, plus you don’t have to buy replacement heads and I haven’t even had to recharge it yet.


  • 1/20/14 12:57 Maria J.:

    I had the opportunity to try the Foreo Luna mini from BzzAgent for a fraction of the cost and Lemme just say that I use the Luna mini in the morning because it does deep clean, but way more gentle than the Clarisonic and the Clarisonic is just much better at removing makeup and remainder of dirt at night.


    • 1/20/14 13:01 Isabella Muse:

      sounds promising!


  • 1/20/14 17:54 Cindy:

    I’ve never tried Clarisonic because I have sensitive skin with rosacea and I don’t want to enflame it – but this looks like it wouldn’t be as abrasive. I want to wait and see reviews from other peeps who’ve used it and have rosacea.


    • 1/21/14 22:52 Staryu:

      Check out Phyrra’s blog. She has Rosacea and loves this device. Very good review that makes me happy it’s finally being sold at Sephora, as I had been interested in it ever since.


  • 1/20/14 19:10 Joanie:

    Hey! I have one of the Luna Mini’s, I got it from my Bzzagent Kit a few months ago and I loovvveeee it!!! If you aren’t a Bzzagent already you should really check it out. I love being part of their program. The Luna Mini feels is so simple to use, and makes my skin feel so refreshed and really clean. I went away for a weekend and didn’t take it and I actually found myself regretting not bringing it! Once you try it you will not want to go without it. I may have some coupon codes for it still, if anyone is interested let me know, I will check if they are still valid!!!


    • 2/4/14 3:42 breyerchic04:

      Do you? My email is the same as my name here, at


  • 1/20/14 21:57 TSA:

    I got the mini version through BzzAgent as well, at a discounted price, and I am absolutely in love with it. I would have gladly paid full price for it and I recommend it to everyone. I have insanely delicate, sensitive skin and this doesnt irritate it AT ALL. Love love love. It takes off every trace of my UD Naked foundation and all my eyeliner/mascara. Love. Muse, you should definitely splurge on this!


    • 1/21/14 9:22 Isabella Muse:

      sounds very promising tsa 😀 I’m def considering it!


  • 1/20/14 23:30 Nicole:

    It looks very interesting, but I love my Clairisonic Plus to pieces and just don’t thing I could replace it. Very interesting gadget though! I love reading all your experiences with it! :)


  • 7/4/14 14:13 nina:

    It looks really interesting and nice~ i would really love to try 1~ may i know where is it available to buy it? and the range of price?? cuz im still a student.. thank you.


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