Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer Review & Swatches

Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer6

Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer ($15) is a new exciting powder to cream concealer that’s launching for Spring 2014. Yes, I said powder to cream! Typically we run into cream to powder products but Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer is actually a loose powder formula that dissolves into a cream when applied.

Do I have your interest?

You might recall Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eye Brightener that released back in 2009….! I’d liken Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer to that formula.

Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer is available in five deeper skin shade selections and comes housed in a small shake jar that’s 0.14 oz in size.

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The powder has a small sifter located on the top and you can gently shake a small amount out for application. The velvety powder is a thicker yet silky consistency that dissolves into a drier cream upon blending. The formula is supposed to offer a soft focused, hydrating finish that fills fine lines as it conceals. The formula is supposed to be a companion product to be used with Iman BB Cream for light to medium coverage and contains an active botanical complex with vitamins and nutrients that even out skin imperfections like under-eye darkness, blemishes and hyperpigmentation while conditioning the complexion.

In theory the idea is innovative and quite great. They really loaded up on the abilities of the concealer with a ton of different benefits such as ingridents that supposedly increase skin elasticity while firming and hydrating it to reduce the appearance of fine lines with amino acids and Vitamins B, C, E, and beta carotene. They even have hyaluronic acid in the mix to aid in hydrating and retaining moisture plus an SPF 15.

To begin application I tap a small amount onto the back of my hand and mix it with my finger. It dissolves very quickly from a silkier powder into a drier and slightly thicker cream. I wouldn’t say this is your average everyday cream texture mind you as you can feel and see at one point in its life it was a powder but none the less the transformation is fun and different. I tried the lightest shade offered which is sand medium but unfortunately it is FAR too dark for my skin tone so this one is meant for deeper complexions. As a spot concealer it might just do the trick but as an under eye one I had my issues.

Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer swatches blended

Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer swatches

Although not a match for me I was keen to try it out none the less so after it transformed from powder to cream I gently tapped and blended some under my eyes. It really is very sheer and likely won’t conceal major under eye issues. I’d like to say go ahead and apply directly from the bottle to perhaps get better coverage but that would be too messy. They do provide a sponge which you can use to gently pat it under eyes and this really helps minimize it from falling into finer lines and giving it a more airbrushed appearance. But…it also sheers the product out which means my dark circles are still hanging out for the world to see!

Iman CC Correct & Cover Powder to Creme Concealer1

Once patted into place it seems to pill a bit and requires a bit of tugging to get a smooth, even finish. It falls into my fine lines and doesn’t quite work well under my drier eyes. I couldn’t help but think if you have oily lids and eyes you’ll likely see better results than I did during application. I don’t typically use concealer on my face but this might prove a better product for spot concealing versus under eye concealing however, the sheerness might not hide major issues or problems.

Overall, the idea is interesting! You don’t commonly see products or formulations like this which makes this unique but the application process and the drier formula just didn’t quite work out for me. I need a good deal more coverage than this provides in a more hydrating formula. I felt like I spent too much time tugging to apply and once applied the product didn’t quite want to live happily under my eyes but instead wanted to hibernate in my finer lines.

I would however, recommend testing it out for yourself because it is so very interesting. And interesting products deserve to be tried out. Who knows? It might just work for you!

It hits drugstores this January so look for it at Walgreens, Target, and Ulta, or grab it at

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  • 1/6/14 18:42 Phyrra:

    Really neat! I like seeing new, innovative products. Even if they don’t quite work out.


  • 1/6/14 19:03 Amrita:

    This is a really cool idea, even if the execution isn’t perfect hopefully over time other brands will pick up on it and improve it. Thanks for reviewing it!


    • 1/7/14 9:36 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure!


  • 1/6/14 21:40 ZG:



    • 1/7/14 9:35 Isabella Muse:

      my pleasure :)


  • 1/7/14 6:28 fancie:

    The swatches look really cool! I like the idea of this concealer but it seems like it needs a bit of work. Like it’s kind of hard to use lol. Times like this I wish drugstores had testers!


    • 1/7/14 9:30 Isabella Muse:

      agreed! Testers would be helpful 😀


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