Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2014

Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette

It’s ok to covet the Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette ($36) because I’m right there with you. Even though the colors in the new Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette aren’t something I’d typically navigate towards I still have this urge to hoard away every single eyeshadow palette that Kat Von D introduces.

I’m not alone in that am I?

Taking a break from the sultry and dramtic shades the new Kat Von D Esperanza Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2014 brings you a selection of fresh, light shades in matte, pearl, and high glitter finishes as well as one transformative color veil, Dayglo, which you can layer on to other colors to add dimension.

Kat Von D Esperanza Eye Shadow Palette


  • Selena (glitter purple)
  • Dayglo (iridescent white)
  • Galore (pearl peach)
  • Placebo (matte peony pink)
  • Santeria (glitter greenish grey)
  • Archangel (sparkle seafoam green)
  • South (matte beige)
  • Dog Roses (sparkle bronze)

Lemming created?

Available now at Sephora.com.


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  • 1/8/14 11:17 alma:

    I went to check it out on sephora.com and didn’t find it. :(. But I so plan in getting this palette. Pay day is soon.


    • 1/8/14 11:26 Isabella Muse:

      there’s a link to it right in my post (affiliate) hope this helps.


  • 1/8/14 11:18 alma:

    Did I mention these colors look so pretty.


  • 1/8/14 11:40 alma:

    Yes it did. I was clicking on the sephora.com…was having a duh moment. Thanks, will you be having a review and swatches on this palette.


    • 1/8/14 11:43 Isabella Muse:

      :) glad you saw it. yes, shortly! :)


  • 1/8/14 11:44 Christina:

    Very pretty! I’m trying hard not to buy everything that comes out this year, but man, all these palettes you’re showing today are just too tempting.


    • 1/8/14 12:08 Isabella Muse:

      god bless you on your beauty diet that is TOO hard 😀


  • 1/8/14 12:34 melissa:

    I want this!!!! Kat von d shadows are usualy fab…. But the sleek garden of eden is coming out next week (allegedly) LOL. – and looks simillar.


  • 1/8/14 14:00 Sylirael:

    WoW! The colours in this palette look so gorgeous…I’m a sucker for bright purples and blue/greens…


  • 1/8/14 16:24 Jen:

    Saw this today when I was browsing on Sephora. It’s so pretty and Spring looking. Not typical of Kat Von D, but it looks amazing! Can’t wait for your review!


  • 1/8/14 17:00 diane:

    i had to order this palette…i lke these colors, they look soft and wearable in the pans to me…they are beautiful and esperanza is super similar to my uncle’s last name who passed away this may so as silly as it sounds, i feel it is a sign for me to have it. i love kvd shadows too- so pigmented and buttery!


    • 1/9/14 9:51 Isabella Muse:

      awww D *hugs* you’re sweet! I hope you like the palette dear :)


  • 1/8/14 17:32 Meg:

    Ordered this is soon as I saw it was on the site! I’ve been waiting for this to be released since Kat teased us with a picture of it on Instagram months ago. There were new shades of liquid lipsticks and a “transformer” liquid lipstick on the site yesterday that weren’t in stock yet, but today they’re not there :( Hoping to get my hands on those soon too, her liquid lipsticks are out-of-this-world amazeballs!


    • 1/9/14 9:47 Isabella Muse:

      I saw those too meg and they disappeared! damn!


  • 1/8/14 19:05 Nicole:

    Oh, I’ll be swatching the heck outta this the next time I’m in Sephora. I love the Kat Von D palettes, and I feel like they don’t get the attention they deserve. I only own Poetica right now, and it’s really one of my favorite palettes.


  • 1/8/14 19:57 dia:

    I’m curious what’s transformative about iridescent white. Love the Placebo nod!


    • 1/9/14 9:42 Isabella Muse:

      I am too! 😀 ha glad you noticed that *wink*


  • 1/9/14 11:09 Felicia:

    hmmm, so this wont be in store right away will it? i want to see it in person first!


    • 1/9/14 11:25 Isabella Muse:

      i dunno varies from store to store but likely mid jan maybe?!


  • 1/10/14 12:10 Sara D.:

    Since this post I kept looking at this eyeshadow palette probably a couple times a day and I just bought it! The colors look beautiful and although I only have one Kat Von d product I had to get this one. The packaging alone makes me want it. Also I saw in another post that you keep boxes to palettes, well you’re not alone- I do too! Not all but the cute ones like too faced or benefit…..and many others.


    • 1/10/14 13:24 Isabella Muse:

      ha sara we are twins I do the same :) hehe! It sounds lovely I’m quite interested to grab it up 😀


  • 1/12/14 17:24 Jenna:

    I believe that I do need this, despite what my wallet tells me.


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