Lancome French Ballerine Collection for Spring 2014 Featuring Lily Collins

Lancome French Ballerine Collection Lily Collins

I cried a little bit inside the day that Lily Collins broke up with Jamie Campbell Bower. They were so cute together sniff, sob…but I guess it’s good as it gives me an opening to chat up Jamie, in my dreams. Have you seen his Burberry spread for Spring 2014? Gush! No one should look that good in pastels.

And hey Lily isn’t looking half bad in her Lancome French Ballerine for Spring 2014 promo images either.

In Fall 2013 I spoke briefly on the fact that Lily Collins was selected as the new Ambassador and model for Lancome. We all know Lancome has come a long way with marketing towards a younger generation of makeup users and that continues with Lily’s first promo images featuring the new Lancome French Ballerine Collection for Spring 2014. This collection is filled with flirty, feminine, delicate shades of pink for Spring.

Lancome Color Design French Ballerine Shadow & Liner Palette

  • Dancing Rose
  • Romeo and Violet

lancome dancing rose eyeshadow palette

lancome Romeo and Violet color design

Lancome Le Crayon Khol French Ballerine EyeLiner $26

  • Final Bow Brown
  • Twirling Purple

Lancome Le Crayon Khol French Ballerine EyeLiner

Lancome Rouge in Love French Ballerine Lipstick

  • Peche Passion
  • Peony Pucker
  • Rosy Rouge
  • Violette Coquette

Lancome Rouge in Love French Ballerine Lipstick

Lancome In Love French Ballerine Gloss

  • Glittermania
  • Pink Posh
  • Rose Oscar
  • Under the Spotlight

Lancome In Love French Ballerine Gloss

Lancome Vernis in Love French Ballerine Fade Resistant Nail Polish

  • Rose Satin
  • 311 M Jolie Rosalie

Lancome Vernis in Love French Ballerine Fade Resistant Nail Polish

This stunning collection is available now on counter or grab it now at

Anything appeal to you?

I love the nail colors for some reason and you know me I’m not a nail girl!


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  • 1/21/14 13:28 Robin:

    love the lipgloss and the first two lippies. These are tempting. I adore Lancome’s eyeshadows, but these look so similar to what’s available now in the regular line, that I may skip them. The whole collection looks great.


    • 1/21/14 13:31 Isabella Muse:

      i agree…aside from the polishes a lot looks similar to shades they already have aside from one or two colors in the lipstick/gloss! but I loved the promo imagery with Lily 😀 kinda makes me want to buy it all!


      • 1/22/14 5:58 Lauren:

        I concur…on all points. Been there done that with the colors but it is so lovely that I want to be able to look like that too (I wish lol). It reminds me if Emma Watson’s shoot (I think spring ’13) where they introduced Baum in Love in Urban Ballet…except I did buy almost all of those products lol. No regrets though, I love them all!


        • 1/22/14 9:35 Isabella Muse:

          the baum in love promo was much brighter though! I loved it but I think Lily’s softer look here is def better…! 😀 I did too, don’t feel bad 😀 the blushes/lip balms/eyeliners, it was a fun collection!


  • 1/21/14 14:55 CIndy:

    Will have to keep the pink/coral lipsticks and the nail polishes in mind for the next Lancome GWP!


  • 1/21/14 15:23 J:

    Forget the makeup, I’ll take Jamie.


    • 1/21/14 15:25 Isabella Muse:

      amen so long as we can share that beautiful boy ;-D


  • 1/21/14 19:12 Amy Amethyst:

    Romeo and Violet is so pretty! Hurrah for the year of purple!


  • 1/21/14 20:23 Scout:

    Hi Miss Muse! By any chance do you know anything about the other pieces of the collection? If you visit Lancome’s UK site there is an eye palette, blush, and two ombre shadows that are not on the US site? I was hoping they would be available in the US but it does not seem like they will be released?


    • 1/22/14 10:16 Isabella Muse:

      hi scout we aren’t getting those apparently, I really wanted the pink and gorgeous beige gold ombre singles they look amazing! But unfortunately those are a euro release :(


      • 1/22/14 20:52 Scout:

        Thanks gorgeous! So sad they won’t be available here. :(


        • 1/23/14 9:51 Isabella Muse:

          my pleasure! I am too because I really wanted both those ombres…my friend Libby is visiting from London this Spring may ask her to grab them because they are quite special 😀 those colors are divine!


          • 1/23/14 22:25 Scout:

            I really hope you get them! I would love to see your review on them :)

          • 1/24/14 9:28 Isabella Muse:

            will do of course!

  • 1/22/14 15:34 Christine:

    I will definitely be checking out the new Rouge in Love lippies – I really like this formula. I also like the new palette Dancing Rose but as I already bought Naked 3 and haven’t gotten a chance to really play with it, I’ll be skipping this.

    Is it just me, or does Romeo and Violet looks a lot like their permanent Mauve Chic palette?


  • 1/23/14 20:53 Celine:

    I agree that this collection isn’t all that exciting. Had higher expectations for Lancome.


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