Lavshuca Lav Fake Cheek Color Review & Swatches

lavshuca lav fake winter 2013

Lavshuca Lav Fake Cheek Color is a blush, lip color, and eyeshadow all in one that was released in Japan this Winter for a limited time. No worries, although limited edition most online sellers still have Lav Fake available for purchase on E-bay shops.

Take a look!

Lavshuca Lavfake

I think out of the box these will remind you of products like Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Revlon Photoready Blush, and MAC Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour Pots.

lavshuca lav fake

Although they look like Bobbi’s little rouge pots they actually have a drier consistency and are far less emollient. The dense formula does have a certain creaminess however, the blush actually has more of a matte second-skin finish once applied. Oily skin will likely take these on very well where as drier should prep well to avoid patchy application. The sheer natural color these provides is very flattering and has a no makeup look finish. On cheeks color blends seamlessly onto skin but as I said if you are drier you might find the texture isn’t very easy to apply so due prep well to avoid issues.

Lavshuca Lav Fake Swatches

Red Fake and Pink Fake

Lavshuca Lavfake Pink Fake

Pink Fake

Lavshuca Lavfake Red Fake

Red Fake

The product can multitask on lips, eyes, and cheeks although in my experience on lips they have a very dry texture and yield very little pigment with a very sheer finish. I tried them on my eyes as well but I look very unusual with these shades of red and pink on my lids and again, I ran into an issue where the colors were just to sheer to appreciate on my eyelids. Granted, color is sheer at first application on cheeks but it can be built where I struggled to build on lips and eyes so I’d stick to using these on my face only!

Each pot weights in at 7g which is roughly 0.24 oz.

There are two shades to choose from both of which offer very flattering just pinched cheeks! I’m partial to Red Fake myself but Pink Fake is just as nice!

Overall, these are a great no nonsense way to get a pinch of color on cheeks quickly and easily! They are great for those no makeup look days however, I’d stick to using them on cheeks as on eyelids and lips they didn’t perform as well!

Lavshuca Lavfake FOTD

Red Fake on cheeks

If you’d like to indulge I’d check shops like or AlphabeautyUK on E-bay or as they are close to retail prices at around $12-$15 each.


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