Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel Review

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel

I am in love and refuse to admit it, since I am such a commitment phobe products like Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel are great because no commitment required, promise!

This morning I was fixing Martin’s glasses because lord knows they are never on straight, very unconsciously on my part and he started singing, “Nobody ever loved me like she does Oh, she does, yeah, she does And if somebody loved me like she do me Oh, she do me, yes, she does.”

Very fitting depending how literal your Beatles translations are.

Anyway enough about my personal life how about that Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel, totally won’t let you down…!

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel is a new limited edition Valentine’s Day 2014 product that’s available in three sizes. Which translates as “Hey, if you love me and you wanna keep me you better haul me hard because I’ll disappear after V-Day!” So much for not letting me down, dood!

Pink like Snow Fairy Prince Charming is all about Fresh pomegranate juice and grapefruit and some vanilla and heck even a little marshmallow root and almond too!

When I originally posted about the Lush Valentine’s Day 2014 Collection someone had tweeted me and said they read reviews which said Prince Charming smelled like a marinade.


I honestly don’t get that my friends.

This has a creaminess courtesy the vanilla and marshmallow but there’s a tart citrus element in it courtesy the grapefruit oil. It’s almost as if they took Happy Hippie Shower Gel and splashed a bit of Vanillary in with it. You get a hint of the pom in the background but I think the citrus, marshmallow, and vanilla dominate the fragrance. I should warn you, if you smell it in store you’re going to hate it. In the bottle it smells a bit sour and off! This is typical of some of Lush’s Shower Gels….! But once you use it you’ll notice the scent morphs and is quite gorgeous.

I likey!

I haven’t met many Lush Shower Gels I don’t like and Prince Charming is delightfully unique and perfectly romantic.

No relationship commitment required either! Wink!

Available now at and in Lush stores.

Tried it?

Do share!


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  • 1/28/14 12:50 Jessica:

    Just picked one of these up yesterday! Haven’t used it yet but I’m all over anything pomegranate so I’m sure I’ll love it hehe. I even liked the way it smelled in the store – definitely not marinade-y at all!

    PS that story about Martin is too cute :3


    • 1/28/14 12:52 Isabella Muse:

      hey jessica yay! glad you liked it first sniff, it kinda smells a little odd in the bottle to my nose. The pom is a little bit of a back note but the vanilla/citrus combines nicely with it. lol thanks…he’s a bit of a goof or a lot of a bit but that’s quite ok as I’m a dork too ;D


  • 1/28/14 16:17 Julia:

    A marinade?! LOL maybe because of all of the citrus fruits??


    • 1/28/14 18:19 Isabella Muse:

      i’ll try it tonight on a steak Julia and hit you back ;-D hehe!


  • 4/22/15 8:47 melissa:

    Prince Charming smells like a fruit smoothie to me , I love it!


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