Magic The Gathering A Movie?

Apparently the Dungeon Master is a little old guy with a half a mullet, a bald head, and a unicorn. But hey, it was cool when I was a kid. Later in life I was introduced to the real meaning of Dungeons and Dragons but I’d say my first intro was def the cartoon version!

My point is there’s been literally dozens of my favorite games and fandoms created into some sort of movie (Super Marios Brothers with John Leguizamo anyone!?). Here’s an example, they are so bad but I still go see every single Resident Evil film they release. It’s either because I adore Resident Evil or I have a girl crush on Milla and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m hoping to see her breasts pop out at some point during the zombie shoot ’em ups. Oh sorry did I type that out loud?

In all seriousness my point here is that Hollywood kinda sucks for recreating geek awesomeness on film so count me worried that MtG is hitting theaters at some point.

How can you recreate this on film?

Someone pray tell?

I think I’ll stick to being hunched over a table with my deck versus at a theater watching it unfold.

Call me old fashion.

  • 1/23/14 23:01 Nat:

    Muse, is there anything in geekdom that you aren’t a part of?! How do you find the time? 😀

    I LOVED that D&D cartoon when I was a kid too. Haven’t played MTG in a loooong time, though…I bet there’s like a million new special things in it now that I wouldn’t be able to know what was going on anymore, hee-hee. Last time I played was the first Ravnica block! :)


    • 1/24/14 9:25 Isabella Muse:

      LOL that’s not really a good thing though is it just means I am a dork. In the Winter/Fall we have a weekly game night with friends and MtG is def on the list from time to time. haha….me too! it was absolute rubbish but as a child completely cool! That’s the beauty of Magic though, always changing!


  • 1/24/14 7:16 TwirlyGirly:


    Just NO.

    Dear Hollywood,

    Listen up: Stop. The. Madness.




    • 1/24/14 9:10 Isabella Muse:

      preach it sister preach it!


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