Do Like the New Mark Chic Frills Powder Blush

Mark Chic Frills Powder Blush

Remember that cool Avon Retro Charm Collection released too LONG ago?! Anyway, I loved the blush in that collection…and I was thinking the new Mark Chic Frills Powder Blush kinda looks like it, different color of course.

This features a lacy design with two shades which can be swirled together or applied individually.

Might pop that into the cart for a buy but truly dislike Mark’s prices, they just seem to go up and up and up! This is $14! Ouch!

But Likey none the less.

Tell you what else I like, Jamie Dornan doing his best Master of the Universe impression. Yum. There are no words.


  • 1/29/14 17:02 Phyrra:

    That blush looks gorgeous


  • 1/29/14 17:10 Sara:

    I agree about the Mark prices. Compared to Avon, it’s such a big jump. Plus they almost never have discounts on the makeup like Avon does, I think that could make a huge difference. I’ve only bought 1 or 2 Mark products, but I’ve bought dozens of Avon products.


    • 1/30/14 9:29 Isabella Muse:

      it’s weird right?! Like it isn’t even the same company! and many of the products are kinda dupe-able with avon products which are cheaper WHAT?!


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