Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick Review & Swatches

Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick5

Milani Cabaret Blend Statement Lipstick is one of several new Color Statement Lipsticks that Milani is launching for Spring 2014 at CVS this February.

So far many of these new shades have been real winners for me and Cabaret Blend is just as awesome.

Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick is a shade that has both outstanding color and a great formula as well. The Color Statement Lipstick Collection sometimes has a hit or miss formula but this shade is a huge hit.

It does have a very strong watermelon scent and flavor that has elements of perfume to it. Some folks are nauseated by the scent but I’ve grown used to it.

Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick

Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick swatches

Cabaret Blend is nicely creamy with a smooth satiny finish. Color applies beautifully on my drier lips with an easy, tug-free glide. The color is SUPER pigmented! Crazy pigmented! This is full color on a single pass. However, since the color is so deep and so rich you have to be careful with it migrating and feather. Do use a transparent or colored lipliner to keep this one in check. Color wears strong for a solid five hours for me however, in that time I did have my issues with the color creeping up my lip line and even ending up on my chin so again, prep well!

The color is a deep rich, dark, vampy shade of decadent burgundy wine. I think it looks best when worn with clear gloss on top which is how I am wearing it below. The clear gloss sheers the color out for me because full on I do look a little ridiculous with this much color on my lips.

Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick fotd

If you like making a dramatic statement with lips I guarantee Milani Cabaret Blend Color Statement Lipstick will bring all the bold and drama you can handle.

Loves this shade!


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  • 1/20/14 20:12 fancie:

    This color is very pretty! I really like these lippies so far! The watermelon is a bit much I’m like you. I’ve gotten used to it lol.


    • 1/21/14 9:26 Isabella Muse:

      yeah it is pretty strong :-/


  • 1/20/14 21:41 Stephanie C.:

    This looks lovely! I wonder how it compares to Black Cherry, though I’m thinking it might be a bit lighter… I’ll have to try it to see.


  • 1/20/14 22:43 leticia:

    Sweetie, that shade looks great on you! It really brings out your eyes and brows!


    • 1/21/14 9:10 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks!!!!!!! <3!


  • 1/21/14 5:32 Becca:

    I love these dark, vampy shades on you! Gorgeous color. It definitely mimics a nice cabaret shade. Thanks for sharing.


    • 1/21/14 9:06 Isabella Muse:

      aw thanks becca! my pleasure!


  • 1/21/14 8:17 Jane:

    Beautiful! I do not like the smell, and I can’t imagine I would like it any more now that I am pregnant. Shame since this is gorgeous. Maybe the old leave-off-the-cap trick would work…


  • 1/21/14 9:01 kellly:

    Oooh, that is pretty! After it wears off, does it leave any staining? It looks like i would leave a nice stain, too. I LIKE that! I’m going to be watching for these to show up in my area —- maybe in MAY or so! (Ha-ha)


    • 1/21/14 9:05 Isabella Muse:

      a little bit 😀 aw hope you get them soon!


  • 1/21/14 10:11 Eraser:

    This looks like the long-ago discontinued Raven Red from Revlon. If it matches my lone remaining nail polish in the same shade, I’ll be snapping it up.


  • 1/21/14 11:15 Esther:

    When will it be available for purchase? it looks so pretty!


    • 1/21/14 11:18 Isabella Muse:

      i mentioned in the review esther hope this helps!


  • 1/21/14 12:17 Claudia:

    Love this! Does Milani have a lippie out that would be close to the Orchid color?


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