New Biore Skincare Products for Spring 2014

New Biore Skincare Products Spring 2014

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, and two new Biore Deep and Ultra Cleansing Pore Strips are launching at drugstores for Spring 2014.

New Biore Skincare Products

I ran across this display at Walgreens and there is an offer of buy 1 at the regular price and get 1 half off which is fab. I was quite curious about the newly formulated Deep and Ultra Cleansing Pore Nose Strips that launched as lord knows I can use some ultra deep cleansing on my nose!

The Charcoal Cleanser looks equally intriguing and quite reminds me of the Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask or MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator!

I did pick some of these items up and have been testing them so expect a review soonish.

Anyone try the new cleansers or more important the nose strips?

Do share!

  • 1/2/14 12:58 melissa:

    I haven’t seen these yet but I like charcoal cleansing stuff.. Might have to check them out.


  • 1/2/14 13:17 LipstickHoarder:

    I have not come across these yet but for a BOGO, you cannot go wrong! Did walgreens have points on them too? I gotta start collecting points, trying to get to $50 mark. Heh, anyways I am super interested in the charcoal cleanser and the unclogging scrub.


    • 1/2/14 13:52 Isabella Muse:

      agreed :) I’m not sure about the points to be honest?!?! I never know what they offer pts on so I always use the card no matter what I buy…haven’t really gotten anything from it yet hehe but hoping! ;-D I am too, I don’t have clogged pores but kinda hoping it’ll work as a gentle exfoliater for me weekly 😀


      • 1/2/14 14:00 LipstickHoarder:

        I use the Walgreens card too all the time. But I do go crazy when the item on my list has points available lol.

        I have super oily skin. I mean, my skin gets oil slick city around the summer and around the drier months it’s neutral. So I need this unclogging scrub. Been using St. Ives and even natural scrubs that contain honey, sugar, and other awesome ingredients. I cannot wait for your review on this though! Happy New Year btw 😀


        • 1/2/14 17:03 Isabella Muse:

          I’m awful I never check! eep! 😀 lucky girl, oily skin makes for a more youthful complexion 😀 I’ll have one for ya shortly <3! And to you and yours may it be happy and healthy!


      • 1/2/14 18:54 jaz:

        Simple way to tell if the item gives points. Points tags are light blue, sale tags are yellow. I’m excited to try this soap.


        • 1/15/14 16:40 Isabella Muse:

          thanks jaz!


  • 1/2/14 14:33 JoElla:

    Hurry up and review! LOL I generally like their cleansers and products, and this looks like it needs to live in my shower.


    • 1/2/14 14:34 JoElla:

      Also, I love the Freeman one, but it slides all over the place on me. So I usually use it as a scrub.


    • 1/2/14 14:50 Isabella Muse:

      lol will do :)


  • 1/2/14 15:02 Steph:

    Yes, please reveiw. I noticed my preteen is getting small blackheads and I am looking for something for her to try.


  • 1/2/14 19:27 Adrienne:

    I saw a display at CVS but it didn’t include the cleanser like your pic. I picked up the self hearting 1 minute charcoal masks it comes in little individual packets similar to the way origins repacked their travel size. I personally didn’t care for it but others may feel differently about the self heating when you add water and massage in. I am curious about the cleanser as that may be more effective for me.


    • 1/14/14 16:33 Isabella Muse:

      I didn’t get those sadly but remember the original ones and loved ’em 😀 did you find the cleanser yet?


  • 1/3/14 15:07 Hannah:

    Does the cleanser contain salicylic acid? That’s a no go for my sensitive skin, but I do have some clogged pores and am curious to check this out if I can actually FIND it.


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